Hiho Silver’s Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Collection has two new additions

Published : 30/10/2019 12:56:08
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Hiho Silver’s Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Collection has two new additions

Hiho Silver’s Exclusive Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Collection has raised over £20,000 for this amazing charity since it launched, an amount set to rise with the addition of two new Roller Beads approved by Hannah Francis’s family.


The two new sterling silver Roller Beads are on pre-order now and will be shipped on 15th November when they arrive, making them a great gift for Christmas and beyond. 


The first bead has Hannah’s saying on it, which Hiho has been allowed to use – ‘Dream Big, Fight Hard, Never Give Up’. These words are split into three sets around the bead, and each set of words is separated with a single oxidised heart. 


The second bead features Willberry Wonder Pony on two sides of the bead.  Each Willberry is slightly raised to make him tactile as well as gorgeous. The design means that in any orientation you get to see a bit of this iconic pony.


“We are so excited to launch these two news pieces, just in time for Christmas,” said Emma Warren, Managing Director of Hiho Silver. “With the Willberry pieces we design, we work really closely with Hannah’s family to ensure that they love them and make sure they feel they really encapsulate Hannah’s incredible spirit. It’s so important to us.


“Both of these new beads, we feel, really do this – and we are incredibly excited by the ‘Dream Big’ one as it’s a phrase Hannah used a lot, that we feel is so motivating and inspiring. We can’t wait to see people adding both of the beads to charm bracelets and necklaces over the coming months.”


Both Roller Beads retail at £25, and for each one sold £10 gets donated to Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity.

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