About Hiho & Co - Be all you can be.

The Hiho & Co day brings together a carefully curated selection of brands, our Hiho ambassadors and a select group of customers, mainly small businesses, bloggers and photographers.

The day provides the opportunity for our guests to work with the Ambassadors in hands-on workshops, enhancing and developing their skills. We believe that this is an excellent way to give back to our customers, as well as celebrate the brands that we ourselves love and use.


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Your Hosts

Emma Warren - Hiho Silver

Emma Warren is Queen Bee of Hiho Silver, aka Managing Director. As you can imagine this is a pretty diverse role, and although one day might see her designing jewellery with the Hiho team, working on sponsorships and collaborations, and higher level plotting and planning, the next day will see her working on photoshoots and packing orders with our office angels Michelle and Amanda at busy times.

Emma has a pretty impressive career and actually trained as and is a fully fledged accountant. She’s worked in engineering and manufacturing at director level, has launched and sold a number of businesses.

Nowadays, if you don’t find her working with the Hiho team, you’re likely to find her on her other business, Dimpsey, which provides luxury glamping experiences on her farm in the Blackdown Hills of Somerset.

Melanie Clarihew - Mackenzie & George

Melanie Clarihew is co-founder and designer of luxury accessories company Mackenzie & George, a company she founded with her husband Chris.

The company started life in 2012 and since that time has gone from strength to strength with the iconic collection of fedoras, feather brooches and British made leather belts and accessories becoming ‘must haves’ for any country or equestrian enthusiast.

Not only a skilled product designer, Melanie has a keen eye for marketing, branding, stand design and attention to detail like no other. Combining these elements has helped M&G become the go to brand it is today.

Ruth Chappell - Dressage Anywhere

Ruth Chappell is an organisational whirlwind and is the brains behind online dressage company, Dressage Anywhere.

Dressage Anywhere allows riders from all over the globe to compete from the comfort of their own yard and be marked by BD list 1 and list 2 judges to win prizes and points towards Dressage Anywhere leagues. The first of its kind, Dressage Anywhere broke new ground in providing horse owners with a way to compete from home, removing transport and time issues, while still providing an exceptional service, scoresheets and helpful remarks.

At Hiho & Co, Ruth uses her methodical approach to help everything run like clockwork, and also regularly shares tips and tricks she’s picked up along the way in her work with Dressage Anywhere, from batch working to online project management software.

(photography: Karen Bennett Pet Photography)

Sophie Callahan - Sophie Callahan Photography

Sophie Callahan is one of the UK’s leading equine portrait photographers, and has also grown as a lifestyle vlogger and blogger, and now mentors a select group of equine photographers too.

Sophie has been working as a photographer for a number of years and moved into equine photography x years ago. Since starting out as a purely equine portrait photographer, Sophie’s business and photography has diversified to take in commercial shoots for equestrian and country businesses, as well as blogging and vlogging and growing a personal brand. This has lead to her growing her own social media following to impressive levels, and also provided the opportunity to work as an influencer for some of the leading brands in equestrian and country industries. 

At Hiho & Co, Sophie is on hand to offer tips connected to photography for social media, but also has a huge passion for personal brand growth and the strategy behind it.

Rachel Bragg - Sweet Images Photography

Rachel Bragg, aka Sweet Images Photography, is also one of the UK’s leading equine portrait photographers and has a growing portfolio of commercial clients too. She’s known as our Queen of Flatlays, and a look at her incredible imagery shows why she wears this crown so well!

Rachel has worked as an event photographer covering events of all equestrian sports up and down the UK and has had a passion for horses from a young ages. Now, Rachel spends most of her time photographing dogs, horses and their owners in the South West in addition to growing an expanding portfolio of commercial clients in the equestrian and country industry.

One of Rachel’s particular passions is flatlay photography, and not just taking the images herself, but encouraging others too. Not only does this method produce outstanding results (especially with Rachel’s eye for composition!), but it also leads nicely into another skill Rachel is keen to share, and that’s batch working. 

Rhea Freeman - Rhea Freeman PR

Rhea Freeman works with leading equestrian and country brands and influencers to help them develop and promote their businesses more effectively using social media and content marketing in particular… but has a long history of traditional PR and marketing too.

In addition to this, Rhea founded and runs the Small & Supercharged community on Facebook, and the membership group and podcast of the same name. She guest lectures around the subject of social media at two universities and two colleges in the Midlands/South West area, has given two TEDx talks around the subject, and has led seminars on it too. In addition, she writes the monthly business column for NFU Countryside Magazine and regularly writes for Horse & Hound, Equestrian Life and Absolute Horse.

Rhea has been a part of the Hiho team for years, working across marketing, business development and sponsorship roles. At Hiho & Co, she shares her knowledge on all of the above.

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