About the Hiho team.

We're really lucky to have a team who love Hiho, are passionate about what we do and are just generally all-round lovely people. So we thought that you'd like to get to know the team, what they do in work and what they love to do out of the office.

(Please note that our 'aka' roles are purely fictional and may change according to availability. So don't be surprised if you speak to the Countess of Contentment and her name is Amanda, or pop along to see the King of the Road and he's a lady for the day!)

Emma Warren

Job: Our illustrious leader and Owner/MD of the company

Aka: Queen Bee

About me:

I was a Hiho customer well before I became a member of the team and I loved the whole experience of shopping with Hiho – a purple box present was always sure to delight!  I joined Hiho a few years ago now and can honestly say that it’s the best job I‘ve ever done.  Hiho people are really special, and that goes for employees and customers alike.

My main responsibilities are to make sure that we’re always delighting you and to make sure that the team has what they need to do that.

Now for the important stuff…

I love my family, pets, cooking and being in the country…and of course, Hiho!

Pet hates: gory television programmes

Special skill: picking up spiders when the Countess of Contentment finds them in her drawers ;-)

You can get hold of me on 'emma.warren@hihosilver.co.uk'

Andrew Ransford

Job: Customer Satisfaction

Aka: King of the Road

About me: I am really a farmer at heart and absolutely love the countryside with a passion, which is why working on the Shows suits me down to the ground - as I spend most of my time in a field - usually with a couple of sleepy dogs in tow, lazing around on the stand!

I have an absolute passion for salted peanuts and can fall asleep anywhere, which has often resulted in a few extra eyebrows being drawn onto me by well-meaning friends...

You can get hold of me on 'andrew.ransford@hihosilver.co.uk'

Michelle Spiller

Job: Looks after all of our lovely customers, getting our products here on time and the web site

Aka: Countess of Contentment

About me: Having been with the company for quite a few years now, I tend to be an all rounder and have various roles such as buying the beautiful stock that you see, keeping the web site up and running and most importantly making sure that you are all happy and content with the products and the services that we provide you.

Originally from Devon, but I crossed the border to Somerset and live with my wonderful Husband Adam. I love relaxing with a great book and a glass of cider and long walks across the Countryside or by the coast.

You can get hold of me on 'contact@hihosilver.co.uk'

Amanda Thorne

Job: Pays the bills, says what we can spend our money on.

Aka: Duchess of Sterling

About me: I control the purse strings and make sure all the suppliers are happy and the bills are paid on time.

Born in Somerset I currently live in the beautiful countryside and have a cat called Maisy, a dog called Nellie and a tortoise called Sidney. I love going to the Cinema, eating out and going to the theatre. I am a big Dolly Parton fan and try to see her when she pops over to the UK.

You can get hold of me on 'amanda.thorne@hihosilver.co.uk'

Kitty Cat

Job: To look really cute and to get as many humans as possible to cuddle me, talk to me and feed me treats!

Aka: I don't need one, I'm far too important for one of those...

About me: My main role is to come into the office and get the humans to feed me treats, then my 2nd most important role is to get everyones attention and get cuddles and find the perfect place to cuddle up and fall asleep. I normally like to sleep on someones desk and prevent them from working and I have also been known to take the humans chair when there not looking. 

I like to roam around the farm that I live on and go on many adventures and see my boyfriend who lives down the road, but I always (unless I get distracted by something very, very important) get back to the office at about 4pm and wait for the postie to arrive. They arrive at about 4.30pm and collect all the customers orders, but before they go I strut my stuff and now all the posties that visit us, feed me treats and give me lots of cuddles too. What a life hey...