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  • Exclusive Chatham x Hiho Collaboration
    Published : 11/07/2024 10:40:53

    Introducing our collaborative Chatham Jewellery! In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, we've partnered with some great friends to create unique designs. Stay tuned as more exciting [...]

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  • Our next shows in July!
    Published : 07/07/2024 07:56:31

    Our dedicated Shows team is packed up and on its way to The Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate!Come immerse yourself in the stunning showground, meet the warm community, and witness the best of Br [...]

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  • All About Isabella
    Published : 30/06/2024 09:13:25

    Cherhill Shetlands , based in beautiful Wiltshire,  was created in 2019 with the aim of promoting and breeding quality performance ponies.  Their lively bunch of registered Shetland Ponies are pa [...]

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  • All About Our Equestrian Collection
    Published : 26/05/2024 08:51:32

    Our equestrian pieces are made to be loved, made to be lived in and made to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Our philosophy is encapsulated in our motto, 'from mucking out to [...]

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  • Bicton International Horse Trials Show Guide 2024
    Published : 21/05/2024 12:24:33

    The final week in May heralds the arrival of Bicton International Horse Trials, a firm favourite of us all at Hiho. Bicton is a new endeavour for the Hiho Stand but not for the Hiho family as [...]

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  • All About Mia
    Published : 19/05/2024 09:38:57

    Today we're chatting to Mia Palles Clark, an award winning showjumping coach with over 25 years international coaching experience.Mia is not just a fantastic rider herself, but her impressive p [...]

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  • Confident Nerves - Rider Tips by Emily King
    Published : 05/05/2024 08:00:00

    We caught up with Emily King, our talented and long-term Hiho Silver Sponsored Rider, now that the British Eventing season is well under way and the promise of another world-class Badminton [...]

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  • Tales from the Stable with Gem Eventing
    Published : 21/04/2024 08:16:06

    We have recently caught up with Gem Eventing as she gave us an insight into her daily life in our brand new Tales from the Stables!  Why not read on to find out about what Gem gets up to! Just [...]

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  • Rider and Horse Fitness Tips by Emily King
    Published : 25/03/2024 07:59:28

    Decorated British Event Rider, Emily King, has long been a sponsored rider of Hiho Silver. As U25 National Champion, Youth European Gold & Silver Medallist and both a CCI4* and CCI5* rider, [...]

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  • All About Tilly
    Published : 15/03/2024 13:21:23

    Meet Tilly Berendt, a passionate and committed freelance writer with a wealth of experience and a plethora of useful contacts within the equestrian industry. She spent years working as a groom [...]

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  • Cheltenham Style Guide with Harriet Lily
    Published : 03/03/2024 10:00:00

    Harriet Lily is a "Country Girl" in a Professional World. We love following her country style on insta and she always has time for really good styling tips!So we’ve given Harriet the reins for to [...]

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  • All About Abi
    Published : 25/02/2024 08:27:10

    Today we are chatting with Abi Boulton, a 5* event rider more usually known as Tic Toc Eventing.She made her name for herself when she debuted at Burghley Horse Trials in 2015 aged just 20, w [...]

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  • All About Alice
    Published : 09/02/2024 15:30:05

    Meet Alice, founder and owner of World Secrets, a very colourful neighbour at some of the shows we attend each year :)World Secrets don't do boring and don't do fast fashion. They [...]

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  • All About Holly
    Published : 28/01/2024 10:00:00

    Today we are having a chat with Holly Thomson, co-founder of Countrywoman's Guide alongside our managing director Emma Warren.  Find out more about Holly and what makes her tick.  Holly, pl [...]

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  • Cow Crushing, Courage And Compassion
    Published : 22/01/2024 16:06:21

    Countrywoman's Guide is an online publication published by Holly Thomson and our own Managing Director, Emma Warren.Together, they set up Countrywoman’s Guide to share the inspirational stories o [...]

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  • All About Cressida
    Published : 07/01/2024 10:30:00

    Meet the amazing Cressida at SEU, the lovely lady behind our range of silver jewellery that will help you show how proud you are to be involved with such a great FB group. She created an [...]

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  • All About Emily
    Published : 17/12/2023 12:00:00

    Emily King, daughter of former Badminton winner and six times Olympic rider Mary King, has been sponsored by Hiho for many years. She learnt to ride at a very young age and completed her first a [...]

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  • All about Philip
    Published : 03/12/2023 22:55:39

    Today, we are meeting Philip Marsh, Managing Director of country and equine footwear brand, Chatham. Over 30 years’ of shoe making expertise and design flair inspired by nautical roots and count [...]

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  • All About Victoria
    Published : 19/11/2023 10:00:00

    Today, we are meeting Victoria Goody, founder of Smart Grooming who specialise in quality grooming products for horses and their riders.Found out more about Victoria and Smart Grooming and their [...]

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  • All about Lydia
    Published : 05/11/2023 10:00:00

    Today we are catching up with Cool Ridings Founder, Lydia Heywood, who has taken steps to demystify the sport by sharing knowledge and embracing equestrians from underrepresented [...]

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  • All about Sophie
    Published : 18/09/2023 18:01:01

    Today we are catching up with equestrian lifestyle digital creator Sophie Preston - The Horse Chapter.  Find out what makes Sophie tick... Sophie, please tell us a bit about yourself, what do [...]

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  • All About Country Woman's Guide
    Published : 01/09/2023 13:44:44

    Hiho is a countryside brand and the country community is really important to us, we all live in Somerset and our customers are spread across the whole of the UK & Ireland.We love to see everyone [...]

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  • All About Alexa
    Published : 20/08/2023 09:32:04

    We really enjoy getting out and about meeting event riders so when we had the opportunity to visit Alexa Palmer at her Greenhays Stud in Dorset, we were absolutely thrilled! What a warm and f [...]

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  • All About Zoe
    Published : 31/07/2023 08:22:15

    Meet Zoe - Founder & Director of sustainable equestrian brand Honest Riders.Zoe Kiff Zoe Kiff decided to break free from traditional big brand rider wear and created Honest Riders in 2017 [...]

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