Secure Shopping

Shopping online with Hiho Silver using your debit or credit card is safe and secure. In fact, contrary to popular belief, it's more secure than using your card in a shop or restaurant*.

Before the card number leaves your PC, it is encrypted using military-strength encryption, then transferred to our secure server software and passed directly to a bank for processing via a secure shopping gateway. The card number is never available to any human being at any stage in the process. The relevant bank or institution will then verify and authorise your card automatically, and if successful, pass an authorisation code back to us to confirm the transaction.

We never see your complete credit card details and they are not stored by Hiho Silver. This does mean that next time you shop with us, you will have to input your card number again, which we know might be a little inconvenient. But we hope you'll agree that it's a small price to pay for complete security and total peace of mind.

Don't just take our word for it?

Our web site has been independently tested and verified as a safe and secure shopping environment by

*Security tip: NEVER let your credit card out of your sight, even for a second, and always check your statements carefully for any unusual transactions. Most 'internet fraud' that you hear about does not involve card numbers being intercepted or stolen over the internet. What commonly happens is that cards are cloned or copied by criminals, which can be done by simply swiping the magnetic strip through a card-reading device about the size of a pager. The numbers are then sold to organised criminals who often use them over the internet to make purchases, as there is less risk of them being caught in the act if detected.