What’s in a Hiho & Co goody bag?!

Published : 10/11/2019 11:26:43
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What’s in a Hiho & Co goody bag?!

Hiho & Co has become well known for so many reasons, and one of these is the legendary goody bags that each attendee receives at the end of the day 

These goody bags are filled with treats from some of our friends, and we’re so, so grateful to each and every one of the brands involved for their contribution. You may have seen pictures of the goody bags on social media (if you look at #hihoandco on Instagram you’re likely to find these pics and also images from the day), but we also wanted to share a bit more about all the brands here too… here’s a bit about each brand who put something lovely in the goody bag…

Copas Traditional Turkeys - @copastraditionalturkeys – with a tagline of ‘very very special turkeys’, the scene is set for this award winning brand. Established in 1957, Copas Turkeys raise high welfare bronze breed turkeys for Christmas and claim to have the best flavoured turkeys in the country (their awards support this too!)… and our Queen Bee has sampled them herself and agrees! If you find yourself on the website www.copasturkeys.co.uk, you’ll not only find turkeys that can be delivered to your door, but also a range of other meats, condiments, gravy, cheese and so much more. 

Fleetwood Fox - @fleetwoodfoxcarpets – based just down the road from us in Wellington, Fleetwood Fox produce unique, stylish, flatweave carpets made using hardwearing wool, that is spun into stunning rugs in Somerset. We first found out about Fleetwood Fox through our friends Blackdown Shepherd Huts and were thrilled and delighted when they wanted to be part of our goody bags. You can have a good look here www.fleetwoodfox.com

Mackenzie & George - @mackenzieandgeorge – co-founded by one of our lovely Hiho & Co organisers (Melanie Clarihew), Mackenzie & George’s website or stand is the place to go for extra special country accessories. With a range of beautiful British made belts, stunning feather brooches, fedoras, silk scarves and so much more, Mackenzie & George’s stand is seen at lots of country and equestrian shows during the season and the whole range can be bought online too at www.mackenzieandgeorge.com 

Hiho Silver - @hihosilveruk – as it’s Hiho & Co, we’re pretty sure you’ll know about Hiho(!), but what you might not know is that it was Hiho’s 25th brand anniversary in 2019. Since Hiho started life, it’s grown and developed, and we’re now incredibly proud to sponsor events like Badminton and Burghley, work with lovely riders and influencers, and continue to develop our exclusive pieces, such as the Cherry Roller Bangle which is protected and trademarked as our design (it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to perfect!). You can find out more about us and our pieces at www.hihosilver.co.uk

Rhea Freeman - @rheafreemanpr – Rhea is also part of the organising team at Hiho & Co, and has worked with Hiho on its PR, marketing, social media and development over the last eight plus years! In addition to the free Small & Supercharged Facebook group, work with universities, a federation and a handful of brands, she runs the Small & Supercharged Mastermind membership group (for small businesses and influencers looking to grow and reach their goals), and the Social Supercharge: Riders digital course for riders looking to improve their social media. You can find her at www.rheafreemanpr.co.uk 

Rachel Bragg Photography - @rachelbraggphotography – Rachel is also part of the Hiho & Co organising team, and also helps produce some of Hiho’s brand imagery (that you’ve no doubt seen on social media). Rachel’s based in Somerset and has developed a photography business around equine and canine portrait photography, but has recently had a slight adjustment in direction to focus more on social media imagery. Watch this space! You can find out more about Rachel at www.rachelbraggphotography.co.uk

Sophie Callahan - @sophiecallahan – Sophie is a part of the Hiho & Co organising team, and has also shot various photography projects for Hiho. She’s an equine portrait photographer but also undertakes a growing amount of brand photography work, which combines her passion for content and story telling with photography. In addition, Sophie is a well known equestrian and country lifestyle blogger and has an impressive social media following. You can find out more about Sophie at www.sophiecallahan.com

Ruth Chappell - @dressage_anywhere- Ruth is a part of the Hiho & Co organising team, and brings her attention to detail and her ninja like organisational skills to the party! Most of the time you’ll find Ruth as the lady behind Dressage Anywhere, a platform developed to allow riders from all over the world to compete in dressage competitions online, from the comfort of their own yard, to be judged by a British Dressage judge. Find out more about Dressage Anywhere at www.dressageanywhere.com

Blackdown Shepherd Huts - @blackdownshepherdhuts – Blackdown Shepherd Huts hosted our second Hiho & Co event, and have strong ties with Hiho Silver and Dimpsey Glamping too. As the name suggests, Blackdown make beautiful shepherd huts that are perfect for people wanting a spare room, office, studio, retreat, playroom, reading room, glamping business… the list goes on. They also supply to hotels – so if you pop up to The Fish in Broadway (where our first event was held!) the Brace Huts you’ll find there are by Blackdown! Find out more about them at www.blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk 

Albion England - @albionsaddlemakers – Albion is best known for its incredible saddles as used by William Fox-Pitt, Laura Tomlinson and so many other elite riders – in fact, Albion’s co-founder Sherry Belton is known as the ‘saddle fitter to the stars’. Founded in 1985, the brand continues to innovate and grow, with the latest addition to the collection, the K3, being incredible well received. In addition to an amazing range of saddles made in Walsall, Albion also produces a range of bridles and leather accessories for horses, a shooting collection called Albion Sporting, and a lifestyle collection called Albion Lifestyle. Find out more about Albion England at www.albionengland.co.uk

Joules - @joules – founded 30 years ago by Tom Joule, Hiho and Joules go way back, in fact, our King of the Road and Tom have been friends for quite a long time and used to do the shows together! Over the past 30 years Joules has grown into an incredible equestrian and country lifestyle brand that is much loved. In addition to their own range of clothing and accessories featuring Joules’ famous design touches and prints, this year at Burghley Horse Trials Joules launched ‘Friends of Joules’, which showcases a selection to British brands that Joules want to share with its customers. And Hiho was one of the founding friends! Find out more about Joules at www.joules.com

Dimpsey Glamping - @dimpsey_glamping – owned and run by our Hiho’s Queen Bee and Mr W (her husband!), Dimpsey is an award winning glampsite based in the Blackdown Hills of Somerset. Now with two huts available for guests, Dimpsey has been created to allow people who visit to unwind, relax and reconnect in the most luxurious and beautiful surroundings. Each hut has all the mod cons, lots of hidden treats, wood fired hot tubs and SO much more. Find out more about Dimpsey at www.dimpsey.co.uk. 

Fairfax & Favor - @fairfaxandfavor – founded in 2013 by school friends Felix and Marcus, Fairfax & Favor is now known in equestrian and country circles for the ever-growing range of quality long leather boots, ankle boots, loafers, bags and leather accessories. And, of course, the interchangeable coloured tassels that feature on so many designs. During the brand’s history they have grown a loyal following through social media and continue to expand their lines, which this year includes their first item of clothing. See www.fairfaxandfavor.com for more information.

Equiboodle - @equiboodle – based in Cirencester and run by the lovely Victoria Bodey, Equiboodle is a beautiful tack shop designed from the ground up, which we’re very happy to say is a Hiho stockist too. With brands like Pikeur, Eskadron, Holland Cooper Equestrian and now Equiboodle’s own range designed by Victoria herself, it’s a must visit destination if you’re ever anywhere near Cirencester! You’ll be assured of a warm welcome and some brilliant styling advice if you ask! Find out more at www.equiboodle.co.uk 

The Sunshine Bindery - @thesunshinebindery – handmade in Somerset, we’re more than a little smitten with The Sunshine Bindery’s collection of hand-crafted journals, notebooks and paper products made by hand using sustainably sourced elements. Founded by Mell Oliver, who’s an illustrator amongst many other things, The Sunshine Bindery’s collection of stationery is so lovely, and knowing that everything is as environmentally friendly as possible too makes us smile. See the collection at www.thesunshinebindery.co.uk

Cathy’s Chocolates and Cakes - @cathyschocolates – with Cathy at the helm, Cathy’s Chocolates and Cakes is a small company that specialises in hand crafted delicious chocolate that uses the best ingredients to give every delicious creation a luxurious taste. In addition to the taste, Cathy’s is well known for the shapes and designs available on the website and on stands, including artisan bars, an incredible equestrian range, motorcycles… the list is nearly endless! See them all and enjoy at www.cathyschocolatesandcakes.co.uk

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