The Mitsubishi Motors Cup with Tina Wallace & Emily Dunstan

Published : 04/04/2019 11:40:52
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The Mitsubishi Motors Cup with Tina Wallace & Emily Dunstan

As part of our Badminton Horse Trials series, we caught up with brand ambassador Tina Wallace (aka Life On The Left Rein) and her best friend Emily Dunstan (aka EMD Eventing) about the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, the grassroots championship held at Badminton.

In the video at the bottom, Emily and Tina talk to us all about the Mitsubishi Motors Cup and how you can qualify for this event. Emily qualified for and competed in 2017, so she tells us all about it.

Emily competed at the 2017 championship, having qualified on a BE day ticket. You’ll hear her talk about her experience of the event, competing on a 14.3hh, the level of competition at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, the importance of fitness in the lead up to the event, how the Mitsubishi Motors Cup cross country course actually goes around the five star course, and more.

The ladies also chat about how the Mitsubishi Motors Cup is a great event to go and watch too.

If you’re competing at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup this year or would like to in the future, you’ll love Emily and Tina’s top tips…

  • Take a bike – it’s a long way between different parts of the event!
  • Be prepared – the horses are stabled the whole time and you can stay up there for the whole week, so be prepared to hand graze and hack when you’re not competing.
  • Walk the cross country course at least three times. The first time you’re a bit overwhelmed, the second time you can work out your timings, and the third time you can be precise and walk the lines you’re planning to ride.
  • If you’re competing at the 90, you should be close to stepping up to the 100 as it’s really competitive.
  • The time is tight on the cross country course, so think really carefully about your lines.
  • Enjoy every single minute. It’s an amazing event and lots of people work for years to get there, so take it all in.

Both Tina and Emily have very kindly said that if anyone has any questions they can get in touch, so you’ll find social media links below…


EMD Eventing Facebook

EMD Eventing Instagram


Life On The Left Rein Facebook

Life On The Left Rein Instagram

And here’s the link to the Mitsubishi Motors Cup website

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