The Hiho Cheltenham Fashion Edit

Published : 08/03/2018 11:45:01
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The Hiho Cheltenham Fashion Edit

With Cheltenham fast approaching, we wanted to share with you our ‘Hiho Edit’ in terms of fashion and racing style… enjoy!

The Festival is in March, so the weather can be a bit challenging; it might be beautiful and warm and spring-like… or it could be blowing a gale or even snowing, so we’re all about luxurious layers. Because you can look great in something summery but you will freeze… and it doesn’t matter how good you look, if you can’t feel your limbs, you’re not going to have a great day!

So let’s start at the top – hats. We adore Mackenzie & George’s fedoras (in fact, quite a few of team Hiho own these fedoras!), with or without the feather pin. The hats come in a range of sizes and colours to suit all styles, and have a ‘firm’ design, so they hold their shape even if it is blowing a gale. As an extra benefit, hats can transform a bad hair day into a pretty good one… mainly because no one sees beneath the hat carnage, but that’s fine too.

For a little extra warmth, we think Annabel Brocks’ Faux Fur Head warmers look great, especially when reversed as the natural tones tie in so well with the colours you’re likely to see at the races. Because these head warmers are fully reversible, you can display the faux fur side for a more traditional look. Matching neck warmers are also available with faux fur on one size and British tweed, suede or velvet on the other.

Now, comes a bit of jewellery. The rest of your look might dictate to the style of your necklace, but if you’re going for a v-neck or open collar, a statement necklace like our Bobbly, with or without precious stones, would look great. If you’re wearing something with a higher neckline, the longer length Cherry Roller Necklaces look gorgeous over the top of knitwear, whether layered with other necklaces or on their own.

Earrings can also add a lot to an outfit, and you could either look to match your necklace or pick out an element, like rose gold detail or pearls and use that as the lead for your earrings.

A classic white shirt can be perfect for so many looks, especially when tweeds, wool and layers are at play. This Tom Lane Classic Fitted Shirt is a great example, made from cotton twill with French seams.

Or why not go for a dress? The Wrap Dress in Grey Orange Floral by Really Wild Clothing has us drooling! The beautiful Liberty print uses a range of gorgeous colours that would work so well with greys, blacks and browns. It’s designed to ‘flatter not flaunt’ which is something that feels very right for Cheltenham.

Tweed is a very popular sight at Cheltenham, whether a cape, blazer or longer length coat is worn.  The knee length Tania from Butler Stewart is a stunning piece for Cheltenham and beyond, and is currently available in three colour ways (one’s on sale too!).

The Gatsby from Really Wild is another stylish longer length coat, but with a very different cut. It has a double breasted front, woollen tweed collar detail and large buttons with a silver rim. We love the feminine cut too, sure to keep the wearer snug without adding too much bulk.

We’re completely in love with the Sands & Hall Fitted Cape too… particularly the damson wine one. Made from a merino/mohair mix, the cape combines a fitted coat with cape overlay with a belt to accentuate the waist.

Bracelets and bangles… you can never have enough! Whether you want to wear a statement piece like our All Round Cherry Roller Bracelet on its own, a matching Bobbly Bracelet or a number of bangles stacked, bracelets are a great way to tell a story. We love seeing our customers at events with all their bracelets stacked along their wrist. From Cherry Roller with beads in their colours to a hammered bangle that was a gift from a friend, even bangle tells a story.

Where would we be without footwear?! We adore Fairfax & Favor’s Reginas (again, our team own enough of these boots to start a small shop!) and the tassels means that it’s easy to coordinate the boots with any outfit. Not only do the Reginas look great, they are so comfy, so being on your feet all day won’t be a problem. Comfort really does matter when you’ll be on your feet all day… even the heeled ones are a joy to wear for long periods of time. Yep. We’re a bit obsessed.

At Hiho, we like to always combine style with warmth, so getting some cosy socks for insider your boots is a must… and we’re loving Tom Lane’s collection. The Knee High Boot Socks made using alpaca are said to be great thermal insulators, exceptionally warm and hardwearing with padded soles, so they’re spot on for when you’re on your feet most of the day.

So, there’s our main Cheltenham Style Edit sorted… what are you going to wear? We’d love to know…

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