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Published : 08/08/2018 09:54:36
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Style, Skills & Silver
Have you heard about Style, Skills & Silver? You’re in for a treat!
Have you heard about our Style, Skills & Silver event? We’re so excited to be able to share this with you and really hope you can join us. You can book your ticket here – but be quick as they’re really limited!
So- what’s it all about?
Style, Skills & Silver is a Hiho Silver event, held at The Fish Hotel in Broadway in the Cotswolds on Thursday 6th September. The event has been created to be fun above all else, but there’s lots more to it! We’ll be running styling and skills workshops with our team of brand ambassadors and friends, we have the most amazing goody bags on offer, we’re working with Mackenzie & George and Fairfax & Favor AND there’s going to be lots of cake. 
Who’s running the workshops?
We have assembled a crack team to ensure you have the best day… we have the style group, and the skills group…
Harriet Edwards- aka A Girl About Country. Anyone who follows Harriet on Instagram will know how amazingly stylish this lovely lady is. She has a fab blog, posts stunning pictures and is a complete sweetheart. She’s also a Hiho brand ambassador and worked with us on styling a rider at Burghley’s trot up last year!
Karen McConnell – aka Karen & Clan. Karen is a brand ambassador of ours and we’re thrilled to have her on the style team too. She has judged the best dressed (with Andrew Ransford) at Blair Castle Horse Trials for us (and is doing so this year too), did the most amazing coverage of the Royal Highland and lots more too.
Melanie Clarihew - co–founder of Mackenzie & George. Melanie (and M&G!) is a friend of Hiho, with most of our ambassadors being HUGE fans too! Melanie will be giving styling tips on accessories and how to wear these, because with the company’s selection of stunning belts, fedoras, feathers and other accessories, she’s perfectly placed!
Rachel Bragg – aka Sweet Images Photography – Rachel is our flat lay Queen! In addition to being a brand ambassador for Hiho Silver, she’s also a Hiho photographer and works with us at events, trot ups and on a lot of our brand images. She also created the beautiful flat lay we’re using to promote this event.
Sophie Callahan – photographer, blogger and vlogger, Sophie Callahan, will be in the skills team too! Not only is she a brand ambassador and an all round legend, Sophie has also photographed a number of our brand ambassadors and works with Hiho on imagery too.
Ruth Chappell – aka Dressage Anywhere. Ruth is the lady behind online dressage platform Dressage Anywhere. Ruth is an absolute superstar and will be on hand to help people with what images can do for your blog or business. She’s also incredibly knowledgeable on social media and connecting to your audience, whether you’re doing it for business or pleasure.
Rhea Freeman – business coach, PR & marketing consultant and social media geek, Rhea is an ambassador… and you’ve probably seen her on Facebook Lives, clad in Hiho on Instagram, and in her Small & Supercharged Facebook group too. She’ll be talking about social media and what to do with your images and repurposing content whether you’re a business or blogger.
Emma Warren – our Queen Bee. Emma will obviously be there, and while she has an amazing array of skills and then some, she’ll be on hand to help you with any queries and questions you have. Not only is Emma MD of Hiho Silver, she is also responsible for award winning luxury glamping business Dimpsey, holiday cottage Dimmet, and Doris & Co too! PHEW!
And, in addition to hanging out with the ladies above, team Hiho will also be there and on hand to help you and answer your questions. You’ll get to meet our King of the Road Andrew Ransford, and our Countess of Contentment Michelle Spiller.
And there will be lunch, coffee, snacks, time to chat and network and the most beautiful location to do it in too!
Book your ticket here to come and enjoy the day with us all.

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