Style, Skills & Silver – getting to know Sophie Callahan

Published : 08/08/2018 10:55:06
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Style, Skills & Silver – getting to know Sophie Callahan

Sophie Callahan is involved with our Style, Skills and Silver event – in fact, she’s part of the skills team! Sophie is a brand ambassador for Hiho Silver, but she’s also an incredible equestrian photographer and does the most beautiful equine portrait shoots as well as commercial work. In addition to this, she’s also a popular blogger, vlogger, Youtuber and social media superstar with a huge following across all her platforms…

What do you particularly enjoy about your business or blog?

I love almost everything about my business, because that’s the way I’ve built it. So that it suits me, my passions and my strengths. But mostly, I love the freedom, creativity and lifestyle it affords me and that it is so fluid and flexible whenever I need it to be.

What are you looking forward to sharing during the Hiho SSS event?

I’m a total social media nerd, so I’m looking forward to chatting about that and helping people improve their online presence.

What’s your superpower? 

I make a really great cup of tea. Kidding. Photography mainly, but also, as mentioned, I guess a little bit of social media marketing. Because it doesn’t matter how good my photos are, if I couldn’t market them, I’d have no business.

What’s something you’re not so good at?

Accounting, anything to do with numbers, logistics, being organised… lol. All the boring/non-creative stuff!

What are you looking forward to learning/seeing at SSS?

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and to listening to all of the other ladies that I know have so much value to teach. I’m a big fan of learning, so I’m going to enjoy soaking up everything everybody has to say!

One think we might not know about you?

I’m a completely self-taught photographer. I’ve never had a single lesson on how to use a camera!

What are you most proud of?

The amount people love and cherish the images I take for them. I always get super emotional when my photographs bring people to tears. (Because I felt like it was far too superficial for me to say my social media following, lol.)

Any advice for anyone coming to SSS?

Wear loose trousers? The food looks amazing! Lol! And bring a notepad. There’s going to be a lot of value to take away.

Tea or coffee?

Tea. All day, every day.

Favourite cake?

You mean there are people out there who don’t like ALL the cake? 

Erm… A good Victoria sponge, probably.

Something you can’t live without?

My dog, Barney! (And my husband, but mostly my dog. Don’t tell my husband.)

Filter or no filter?


Have you thought about what you’re wearing for the event? Any hints or tips for anyone attending?

I haven’t. But that’s a job for next week. I’ll probably end up going shopping, because, y’know… any excuse. But obviously, it goes without saying that I’ll be wearing Hiho jewellery!

Where can we find you online?









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