Style, Skills & Silver – getting to know Melanie Clarihew

Published : 16/08/2018 10:48:09
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Style, Skills & Silver – getting to know Melanie Clarihew
Have you met Melanie? You might not have met Melanie in person, but we bet you’ll have heard of her amazing brand, Mackenzie & George! Melanie is co-founder of the company with her husband Chris. From their Shropshire base, Mackenzie & George design and make a range of stunning belts and leather accessories, but are also so well known for the fedoras and beautiful handmade feather pins hat are must-have country attire. Melanie is part of our Style team at Style, Skills & Silver. Here’s a bit more about the lady herself…
What do you particularly enjoy about your business or blog?
Variety! Every day is completely different.  One day I could be sketching out product ideas, visiting leather tanneries and buckle casters to being in the workshop prototyping new styles or designing graphics, plus all the day to day admin and creating content for our social. The next week I could be in a field, painting our stand and speaking with our lovely customers. My business affords me to use creativity, logic, strategic planning and communication on a daily basis, and I get to work with a fantastic team who all have the same shared goal.  I'm a lucky woman!
What are you looking forward to sharing during the Hiho Style, Skills & Silver event
I'm so passionate about the transformation a few well-placed accessories can make to an outfit, I can't wait to explore that with the attendees and see the outfits they put together.
What’s your superpower? 
My intuition is usually pretty spot on.  I also make a damn good potato salad.
What’s something you’re not so good at?
Anything to do with numbers. I'm completely useless to the point of having panic attacks! Thankfully, my husband and co-founder Chris is practically a walking calculator!
What are you looking forward to learning/seeing at Style, Skills & Silver?
Well firstly - the location! The FOOD! But also meeting lots of our followers, and having a good chinwag with people about all the things I obsess about, including making your social sparkle, and pulling together outfits like a pro!
One thing we might not know about you?
Some of you may know this already from an interview I did with Rhea, but I was voted most likely to run my own business when I was at school, but also most likely to end up in prison!  
What are you most proud of?
Easily what Chris & I have built Mackenzie & George to, having started just us two in my in-laws' double garage, working all the hours in the day (literally) to now being able to create jobs and forming a fabulous team.
And of course my 19 month old daughter Emmy, she astounds me daily!
Any advice for anyone coming to Style, Skills & Silver?
You'll probably be a bit nervous beforehand, but don't worry.  We have the fabulous Sarah ready to greet you (you've maybe met her if you've been on the stand this year, or spoken to her on the phone) and put you at ease. This is all about enjoying yourself with lots of lovely people from within the same industry/interests, so come ready to make friends and have a laugh!
Tea or coffee?
Coffee & Conquer!
Favourite cake?
Walnut & Coffee
Something you can’t live without?
Coffee... Do you see a theme here?
Filter or no filter?
If its of my face, then as many filters as possible, otherwise - some good light solves everything.
Have you thought about what you’re wearing for the event? Any hints or tips for anyone attending?
HAVE I! I have a looooonnng list.  I'm trying to find something comfortable, that I can layer if our summer is over by Sept.  I'm certainly no fashionista; I'm all about classic looks that are comfortable and versatile.
Where can we find you online?
You'll find me here:

Fancy coming and joining us for the day? Buy your tickets here: 

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