Sophie Callahan at the Badminton Horse Trials

Published : 20/09/2017 11:06:52
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Sophie Callahan at the Badminton Horse Trials

Another horse trials, another trot up, another display of the best in equestrian and country fashion! Back in May, I had the great pleasure of reporting on the Badminton Trot Up, scrutinising the outfits choices of the worlds top event riders, as they wrangled over exuberant horses, trying to get them to trot (and not perform airs above the ground) in front of the worlds media, the buzzing crowd and, most importantly, the vet.

My name is Sophie Callahan. I am an equine photographer, a country lifestyle blogger and vlogger, and a very proud ambassador for Hiho Silver. Hiho were sponsoring the Best Dressed Award for the Badminton Trot Up, and so I was invited to blog and commentate, as a representative of the brand.

I experienced my first forray into radio, discussing the best and the worse of the riders’ attire, live on air, which was a lot of fun. And I wrote an article for the Badminton blog, detailing some of my favourites, as well as the overall winners, chosen by Hiho.

As expected, we saw plenty of capes, a lot of fedoras and the repetition of some very ‘of the moment’ brands. Fairfax & Favor featured heavily, as did brands such as Sporting Hares and Holland Cooper. All of which were instantly recognizable.

Eventually, taking the top spot were Australia’s Paul Tapner, for the men, wearing an original waistcoat, tweed and horse-print shirt combo, topped with a daring wooden bow tie. His outfit was by his sponsor, Claudio Lugli.

And for the ladies, Great Britain’s Danielle Dunn was the chosen winner. Danielle was dressed in a bespoke Charleston Couture jacket and hat, paired with boots by Equiclass and watch by Abbott Lyon.

And, as imagined, we saw a lot of the same themes again at Burghley. Capes, long boots, hats, tweeds… All the staples of the equestrian and country fashion fanatic's wardrobe.

And this time, for Burghley, we turned the spotlight onto you guys. However, we wanted to give you the chance to show off your ‘best dressed’ efforts, in an attempt to win a gift voucher for the best dressed male and a Cherry Roller Bracelet with the Burghley Charm for the best dressed lady.

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