Published : 07/03/2021 13:38:44
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Commonwealth Day on 7th March celebrated the 54 member countries working together to innovate, connect and transform, amongst other things, good governance and levels of trade.

The 8th of March sees us celebrating the achievements of women on International Women’s Day.

The key messages of these two days are to connect and transform, to support and collaborate - worldwide and on your doorstep.

So, we would like to celebrate you all today - the little unnoticed comments that have moved someone forward, the friendly gesture, the fleeting moment of support - because change happens in these little gestures.  It’s not about big showy gestures that dominate the airwaves for a small period of time.

It’s about a consistent campaign of supporting your fellow humans and animals, about being there for them, the nurturing and supportive nature of sisterhood, recognising that we all (men and women) can help a day feel better, a task feel easier and just generally do our bit ease someone’s else’s way through their lives.

So to all of you out there, we salute you, you are AMAZING - never forget that

#sheleadstheway #IWD2021 #commonwealthday

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