Rachel Bragg from Sweet Images Photography

Published : 05/10/2017 13:08:53
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Rachel Bragg from Sweet Images Photography


My name is Rachel Bragg and I’m an equine photographer, specialising in lifestyle portrait sessions for horse lovers and their equine best friends.

I’m a country girl at heart. I grew up in rural Bedfordshire (that funny little county just a bit north of London) and spent most of my formative years playing with my brother and friends on the 2 farms next to where I lived.   School holidays were about trying to tame the untamable black Shetland pony that lived on one of them.  We never did but received ample bruises and bites for our efforts!  We were taught to shoot air rifles and had fun with the farm terriers who were incredible ratters.  Growing up in this environment was utterly fabulous!

Despite the Shetland pony exploits I don’t think I officially started to ride until I was about 10.  It was my Granddad who was responsible for my love of horses really.  His business supplied hay and straw to many of the leading racehorse trainers in Newmarket and I frequently went with him, often left to explore the yards.  The stable lads were always lovely and I spent many happy hours around the legs of million pound horses.  I doubt that would happen now!  As a result horses became a complete focus for me and so the lessons started.  My very own amazing pony appeared when I was a teenager. I did the usual Pony Club things, I rode to drag hounds and I competed at junior affiliated show jumping.  I once cleared a 5ft 2” puissance wall on my 13.2 pony.   

In later life equestrian based photography became my real passion.  I no longer have horses of my own so it’s a great way to stay in touch with the equine and country world.  It was whilst working at a Horse Trials a few years ago as a freelance photographer that I first discovered Hiho Silver.   I starred and starred at each piece and promised myself one day I’d be wearing something of theirs. 

The very first piece I had was the Willberry Wonder Pony charm.  He now spends most of his time in my office attached to a very precious small wooden rocking horse. Subsequently purchased both the Double Leather Wrap bracelet and the Spinning Snaffle ring as treats for career achievements attained.  I adore both and wear them on a daily basis, choosing this ring constantly over personal rings I’ve inherited over the years.  Both of these items totally speak to me as they really do represent the rural way of life for me. I recently received the Foxtail Charm bracelet as an anniversary gift too.  For me this piece easily goes from daily life into some worn for a more stylish evening environment. A truly classic piece of jewellery.

In my role as an equine photographer my world is filled with fabulous clients and their wonderful equine best friends. Each photo shoot is unique because there are no two relationships the same, and I never tire of listening to clients talk about their experiences with their horses.  There’s always a tale or two to be heard about even the more sensible looking pony!  I’m often asked about my Hiho jewellery when I’m on shoots; it’s usually the Spinning Snaffle that catches the client’s eye first. 

Well then we get into a whole different enthusiastic conversation….

To find out more about me and the equestrian photography solutions I can offer you, you can find me at…

Web:               www.sweet-images.co.uk

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