Pssst – you know Valentine’s Day is coming, don’t you?

Published : 01/02/2018 12:19:55
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Pssst – you know Valentine’s Day is coming, don’t you?

We like to do our bit at Hiho Silver to help you stay in the good books and not end up in the dog house, so we wanted to give you a gentle reminder that it’s Valentine’s Day soon. Now, not only did we want to remind you of the date, but we can also help you when it comes to what to buy. And we’ll gift wrap it if you like? You’re welcome…

Our Cherry Roller Bangle is already proving to be a popular gift, especially the Create Your Own option. This allows you to select the combination of beads you think your loved one will adore, so whether they like silver, yellow gold or rose gold, diamonds (OK, who doesn’t?!), we have it covered. You can also punctuate these precious metals with our CZ roller beads, which are made from sterling silver and are encrusted in CZ crystals in a range of colours. These are stunning yet understated and we have seen some amazing combinations lately. We LOVED Tina Wallace’s (Life On The Left Rein) Cherry Roller Bangle, where she mixed yellow gold vermeil beads, sterling silver beads and a single turquoise CZ roller to match her cross country colours.

If you can’t decide which combination to go for, we have you covered. Have a look at our Cherry Roller collection and see what we have available, and do have a look at the Valentine’s special, which combines silver with red and white CZ beads. It is SO pretty.

Our Foxtail Bracelet is also set to be a popular gift this Valentine’s as it’s gorgeous on its own and can be added to over time to create a completely bespoke collection of memory reminders. Our Foxtail fits our own Roller Beads, but also others from brands like Pandora.

If rings are your loved one’s thing, we have some beautiful heart designs in our Valentine’s area. Our exclusive Spinner Ring style has been such a crowd pleaser that we have continued to innovate and design more styles, including the hammered and plain hearts version we have available alongside the heart and horseshoes version.

Whatever your budget, we have the great gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. To make shopping even easier, we have created a Valentine’s section online. If you’re stuck, you can always give our Countess of Contentment a call and she’ll help you pick the perfect gift. To give the extra wow, we can gift wrap it for you too.

Photo Credit: Tina Wallace

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