Our Style Guide to Badminton Horse Trials 2018

Published : 01/05/2018 16:15:22
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Our Style Guide to Badminton Horse Trials 2018

With the changeable weather other last few weeks, we wanted to share just a few of our top clothing pics to help keep you warm, dry and stylish this Badminton. Of course, we’ve done our best to book sunshine but, just in case, we’ve picked products for everything.

Coat – would Badminton be Badminton without tweed? Nope- we agree. So, we’ve picked Toggi’s Belsay Field Coat. This pale tweed feels a little bit brighter than traditional moss greens and deep browns, but is still incredibly functional. The fabric has a waterproof and breathable lining, lots of pockets, a contrast faux suede trim and lovely pomegranate lining.

Necklace – luckily we have a few options here! If you’re wearing clothes with a higher neckline, why not opt for something like our Long Chained Cherry Roller? Or have you seen our Circle Pendant with long chain? Don’t forget that if you see a pendant you like and want to wear it at a longer length, just ask us – we’ll sort it!

If you’re going for a more open neckline, have a look at the Bobbly… this Hiho Classic never goes out of fashion and is so beautiful! For a Cherry Roller twist, check out the Double Chained Cherry Roller – this looks great with shirts!

Earrings- if you’re looking for a stud, our new Oxidised Knot Stud Earrings are just gorgeous- they’re small but perfectly formed and are sterling silver through and through. For dangle (without the dangle!), have a look at our Cherry Roller Snaffle Earrings with Butterfly Backs. These add extra interest by being longer than a stud, but if you’re putting hoods and hats on and off all day, they’re neat and solid too.

Belts – Mackenzie & George’s Badminton Belt! This British made beauty features snaffles at different points to give a 360 quality, and can be personalised too. This is just one of M&G’s lovely belts – all would look great with any Badminton ensemble!

Bracelets and bangles- you can never have enough and this year, our Official Badminton Collection is a must with the beads the perfect size for our Foxtail Bracelet and other charm bracelets too. The beads can also be added to a custom Cherry Roller (go and see the King of the Road on our stand and he’ll sort it for you!). 

Rings – we’re loving our exclusive Spinner Rings at the moment- not just the Badminton one, but the others too. Perfect for busy fingers and nail biting situations… so ideal for the showjumping on Sunday! The classics never fail to make us smile – and our cherry roller, snaffle, nail, horse hoof and horseshoe rings are still very special to us!

Boots – it’s got to be Fairfax & Favor’s Explorers! These beautiful leather boots have really robust, chunky soles for all manner of terrain, are water resistant and comfy too. And you can switch up the tassel to coordinate with the rest of your outfit! 

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