New Thelwell Earrings now available!

Published : 07/03/2018 11:34:16
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New Thelwell Earrings now available!

For all Norman Thelwell fans out there, we have some exciting news for you! Our Exclusive Thelwell Collection is growing to include earrings which match the other designs, so you can have a full Thelwell set wherever you go!


Our two newest additions include the Thelwell Rosette dangly earrings and the Thelwell Trophy Cup dangly earrings – perfect for those who love both jewellery and the iconic Thelwell collection.


We adore the Thelwell range and are so proud to produce these gorgeous, meaningful pieces with full permission from the Thelwell Estate. Thelwell is such a big part of so many people’s horsey childhood and being able to capture the essence of Thelwell in jewellery is such a fun thing to do.

“These little earrings are so pretty and match the charms, and also look great with our range of necklaces that use other iconic Thelwell imagery. We’re looking forward to taking the earrings out to the shows this year and showing them alongside the rest of the range,” said our Queen Bee, Emma.


You can find our new pieces in our Thelwell Collection at £25 each.

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