Let’s talk about the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

Published : 16/05/2019 10:06:32
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Let’s talk about the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

May is always a super busy month for Hiho Silver, and this May is no exception. It started off with Badminton then moved swiftly to Chatsworth and Floors, then onto Rockingham, Chelsea Flower Show… and then Tattersalls International Horse Trials in Ireland! But it’s really important to take time to reflect… and Badminton is certainly worth reflecting on!

Badminton Horse Trials starts months before the event opens its doors

Our Badminton Horse Trials starts months before the event because we’re the Official Jewellers for the Horse Trials. And that means we design and sell the only Official Collection. This year’s was extra special because it celebrated our 25th brand anniversary and Badminton’s 70th… so we wanted it to wow! Based on the way you all responded when you saw it on the stand and the speed at which it’s selling, you liked it too! This year’s Collection saw a range of charms including the iconic backdrop for the First Horse Inspection, two of the most notable jumps (as selected by Lucinda Green and Mary King), a ‘19 Roller Bead, and the Badminton Roller Charm. A pair of cufflinks and the Badminton Spinner Ring joined these charms. We really hope you love the Collection as much as we do.

The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials First Horse Inspection

But now for the event – and as we sponsor and judge the best dressed at the First Horse Inspection, Wednesday afternoon was what we’d been building to before the event started! Our King of the Road was on Radio Badminton with Matt Ryan and Rupert Bell, and our Queen Bee headed the judging panel alongside Isabel Spearman and Lucinda Green. And what a tough job they had! The riders all looked incredible and there were so many outfits that made the shortlist. This year’s ‘theme’ was timeless classics, because with the various anniversaries we felt it was fitting. It was a really tough contest but, in the end, James Sommerville took the crown (Ok, Cherry Roller Cufflinks with solid gold bead and a voucher for the gents) and Louisa Milne Home won it for the ladies (she won a bespoke Cherry Roller Bangle). We are working on blogs about the winning outfits as we loved them both and we wanted to share, so keep your eyes peeled on our blog for that! We had such fun judging the best dressed, it is always a real highlight for us.

The event itself

And then we went into the show – and what a show it was. We can’t thank you all enough for coming and saying hello. We love the shows as it gives us a chance to show you our new pieces, but as so many of our customers have been Hiho fans for years, it really is like catching up with old friends. We love a good chat (when the stand isn’t too busy!) and seeing your Hiho from years gone by always makes us smile. We love that some of our customers have had their Hiho since we started and it’s still going strong! It’s also such fun to see the classic pieces… and you might even spot a few of these making a limited edition style return in our new Collection to celebrate our 25th brand anniversary!

From Badminton we headed up north to Chatsworth, Floors and Rockingham, but our next stop is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Onto RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We love going to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It’s one of just a couple of events we do in London. With Chelsea, it’s not just a great show, but we fall in love with the gardens, the flowers, and everything else. We’d say there’s a fair chance you’ll see a member or two of the Royal Family, and that’s definitely true, but we see lots of them at events too!

At RHS Chelsea you’ll find new pieces alongside a number of our 25th brand anniversary collection. Now, if you’re not sure what this is, we’re bringing back 25 classic designs that were much loved when they launched, for a very limited time, to celebrate our heritage. The pieces you’ll see are ones that we still see at shows and events or have a special place in our hearts. Sometimes it’s both! We’ll be releasing more of these during the year so it’s worth keeping an eye out, but you’ll find them on the stand and on the website too!

After RHS Chelsea we’re heading to Ireland for Tattersalls International Horse Trials… and that’s just in May! June’s looking busy too, but that means there’s lots of opportunities to meet up, doesn’t it?

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