Jewellery is King – the Foxtail

Published : 09/11/2017 10:36:59
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Jewellery is King – the Foxtail

As per the previous blog post where we talked about the ‘Jewellery is King’ campaign, which we’re working on with Rachel Bragg from Sweet Images, I wanted to take this opportunity to chat through one of our current images, where the Foxtail is King…

So, the whole image is styled around a day at the races at this time of year – when style is incredibly important, but so is staying warm and snug. So keep that in mind as we peel back the layers.

In the centre of the image is the Hiho Foxtail Charm Bracelet. This exclusive sterling silver piece has a gorgeous slinky chain and looks gorgeous on its own as well as when adorned with Roller Beads. In this image, the central bead is the lovely Fairfax & Favor Roller Charm with an 18ct Gold Vermeil finish and navy blue CZ encrusted bead to echo the company’s branding. This is flanked by two turquoise beads and finished with two 18ct gold vermeil beads which, again, echo  Fairfax & Favors branding. At the top, next to the clasp, you might notice another bead, and this is what we call a stop bead and is something that is now supplied with the Foxtail. It’s a nifty little thing that clips onto the bracelet and tops the beads falling off when you undo the clasp. Simple!

Now, the Foxtail is sat on a hat – but not just any hat – it’s a navy blue Mackenzie & George Fedora. These hats are made from 100% wool and are easy to look after as they’re easy to clean and crushable too. It’s a perfect hat to wear to the races, either on its own or accessorised with a feather, which you might see peeking out of the hat on the right of the pic...

These feathers, again from Mackenzie & George, are great for hats and more. They’re handmade by a lady called Wendy Goode in Scotland, so each one is unique. They come is lots of different colours and sizes to suit all looks and outfits.

The next piece you might seen on the image is a little faux fur, and this is actually a gorgeous neck warmer from Annabel Brocks, It’s smart enough to wear under a coat or with a beautifully tailored jacket, but it’s so snug too, so it ticks the snug and style boxes.

And last but not least, a clutch – what would any ‘day at the races’ outfit be without a clutch… and we picked the Mackenzie & George Windsor Maxi Clutch. I mean, we all need somewhere nice to keep our winnings, don’t we?

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