Jewellery is King…

Published : 31/10/2017 11:41:38
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Jewellery is King…

You may have seen the start of one of our autumn/winter campaigns on our social media channels… and I thought it might be fun to tell you a bit more about it. We’ll be publishing blogs here about the lovely pictures you see, as there’s a bit of a story behind them all, but I thought it would be good to give you an overview first.

So, this campaign we’ve called ‘Jewellery is King’, because, well, to us it is! We could have given it a code name like ‘Operational Pink Double Decker’, but Jewellery is King is better! We’re working on this campaign with talented photographer Rachel Bragg from Sweet Images Photography, and we’re also working with a number of other brands… all of these will become clear over the coming weeks and months.

So far, we have released two images. The first one had our Exclusive Sterling Silver Foxtail, adorned with CZ Roller Beads (and a Fairfax & Favor Charm too) sat in a beautiful navy blue fedora from our friends Mackenzie & George. You can also see one of the company’s lovely clutch bags in the background and a touch of faux fur too. 

So what does this image mean? It was released just before Cheltenham in October and it’s a look we put together – accessories that would be perfect for a day at the races at this time of year. When the weather is a little chilly but you still want to look stylish. 

The second image has a slightly different style and used our Foxy Roller with rose gold vermeil detail and Cherry Roller with CZ Roller Beads with a Fairfax & Favor purple tassel, a little faux fur, a cosy knit and feather detail too. Again, this was a look we put together to highlight accessories that are ideal for cooler weather.

We have lots in store over the next few months and hope you’ll follow our Jewellery is King series with interest. We have some absolute corkers in the pipeline!

A bit about Rachel. Rachel is based in Somerset and is the equestrian photographer behind Sweet Images Photography. She’s a long term Hiho fan and we’re delighted to be working with her on this campaign.

Rhea Freeman is an equestrian and country business coach and PR consultant. In addition to working on this blog, you can also find her businessey posts over on, and she spends (way too much) time on social media too – have a look for @rheafreeman on Twitter and /rheafreemanpr on Instagram and Facebook

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