It’s all about the accessories

Published : 09/03/2018 17:26:36
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It’s all about the accessories

We know that accessories can completely make an outfit. A well placed piece of jewellery, a striking feather, a silk scarf, a statement bag, a beautiful belt… all these things can add that all important finishing touch. As part two of our Cheltenham Races style guide, we’ve taken a much closer look at accessories, because we think they’re so important and can transform the look of an outfit in moments!

Jewellery is perhaps the ultimate accessory. Yes, we might be biased but we have seen many an outfit transformed with a necklace or bracelet! We have a lot of pieces available that will work with any outfit, but here are some of our faves for Cheltenham…

Our Long Chained Cherry Roller looks great over knits, higher necklines and shirts too. Wear on its own or layered with other necklaces to create a more stacked appearance. We also have a shorter length Cherry Roller (a fairly new addition to the range) that is ideal to layer with this or wear on its own too, depending on the outfit.


Rose gold tones add warmth and are particularly on trend… and we love them too. Our Foxy Roller is set to be a big hit at this year’s Cheltenham. Wear on its own or with other bangles. The rose gold plate adds an authentic colour, and we love the silver tip to his tail too.

Horseshoes symbolise luck, and if you’re looking to have a flutter, consider accessorising with a stunning horseshoe necklace. This design is small and subtle but completely beautiful, and matching earrings are available too.


Now, if you’re wearing a jacket (and, based on the current weather, you’d be brave not to!) why not add an accessory to your jacket lapel? Brooches are a great way to do this and can be moved from piece to piece depending on the season or occasion. We particularly love our Pheasant Brooch at this time of the year as we feel it is so pretty and complements the many feather accessories we’ll see at the event.


And speaking of feathers – we have to talk about Mackenzie & George. The company’s feather pins make a stunning accessory for a fedora, but can also be worn on a jacket too. With different sizes and colours available, whether you want to add a tiny feather touch or make more of a statement, definitely have a look at these lovely handmade feather pins.


Now, talking of feathers, we are a bit in love with the Drayton Belt from Mackenzie & George. Made from vegetable tanned full grain leather, the belt has panels of alternating guinea fowl and pheasant feathers to add an extra country twist. And it can be personalised too.


Bags – a must have accessory to stash all your essentials. We couldn’t talk about bags without mentioning Fairfax & Favor’s Windsor, which a number of our team own. The gorgeous colours, sumptuous suede and leather combo, large capacity and flexible strap options make it a winner for us.


If you’re looking at a statement bag, then make sure you check out the Foxley by Hyde & Hare. With a range of colour combinations available, the real cowhide bags are all unique due to the natural print used, are made in the UK and add an accent to any outfit.


Now, if you’re looking for a smaller bag, have a look at the Highcliffe from Fairfax & Favor. Our brand ambassador, Karen McConnell (Karen & Clan) adores hers, and we love the cross body style, the leather and suede combination and the fact it’s neat and elegant. It comes in three beautiful colours too.


If you’re looking to add extra glamour your bag (oh yes!), but also add an extra accessory to your neck or wrist, a silk scarf is a great way to do this. We love the Seedhead Silk Scarves from the Really Wild Clothing Company. Handrolled and made in the UK, the vintage inspired design is available in two colourways and can be worn a number of different ways depending on your look or outfit.


Evemy & Evemy also has a range of beautiful, country themed silk scarves that can be worn in many ways. The three designs available come in different dimensions so if you want to wear on your wrist, ‘Galli is the one for you, whereas Oak is a longer, thinner design with chocolate tones and oak leaves which we adore too.


Also from the Really Wild Company, the Luxury Wraps made using Highland wool and cashmere get the big thumbs up from us. They can be draped loosely, wrapped around or worn as a super snug scarf when it’s really chilly… adaptable pieces are pretty essential in our world!!


So, that’s our accessories guide to Cheltenham – don’t forget to come and see us (we’re on stand 36) and have a look at our latest pieces.

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