Introducing the Badminton Horse Trials Best Dressed Judging Panel

Published : 01/05/2018 11:29:02
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Introducing the Badminton Horse Trials Best Dressed Judging Panel

We are so, SO excited to be sponsoring our second ‘best dressed’ at Badminton Horse Trials. This takes place at the first horse inspection, also known as the trot up, at Badminton House on the Wednesday afternoon. We sponsored this event last year, the first time it had ever been done, and we’re back again this year. You might have seen our previous blog about what we look for when judging best dressed at the trot up. This one is different – you’re going to get a proper introduction to the judging panel.

Alice Plunkett… also known as Alice Fox-Pitt. Alice was recently announced as a Hiho brand ambassador and we’re SO excited to have her as part of the judging panel. In her work as a racing journalist, Alice has been on many a TV screen during her work with ITV and Channel 4 racing, has attended many (many) races and we have always admired her style. She’s also very, very well connected to eventing and has a great understanding of horses and style. She’s a lovely person inside and out… and a very stylish one too!

Lady Alice Manners is also joining us on the panel this year. Lady Alice is columnist for The Sunday Telegraph, model, personal shopper and stylist for Selfridges, and socialite. Lady Alice is a true equestrian and her Instagram feed is bursting with pictures of horses in various settings including her family home, Belvoir Castle.

Our very own Andrew Ransford is not just King of the Road, he’s King of the Judges too! He refers to his role as being ‘like the Len Goodman of the trot up’… And we know he can throw some shapes on the dance floor too. There are many pictures of this. But in this context, he works with the rest of the panel to make sure that every angle has been considered and helps pick worthy winners. You’ll find Andrew snapping away on his phone during the trot up as when the panel review who’s the best dressed the like to refresh their memory. The trot up is fast paced and as soon as a horse passes, it’s the next one. Until the whole list of horses have been assessed. There’s a lot of riders to judge. 

Andrew has been designing and making jewellery for years and has been attending Badminton Horse Trials for around 20 years with the Hiho stand. In this time, he’s got to know the riders, their style… and has been an attendee of the trot up long before Hiho sponsored an element of it! A true horseman, Andrew looks at practical aspects as well as style ones…

So, now you know your 2018 trot up style judges – look out for them on Wednesday afternoon!!

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