Introducing Rhea Freeman

Published : 11/10/2017 14:44:58
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Introducing Rhea Freeman

I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself ‘formally’, because the aim is that I will be working very closely alongside Hiho’s Queen Bee, Emma Warren, in creating amazing features for this blog. Well, it’s not really a ‘formal’ introduction because we’re not all that formal over here, but as I hope we’ll be spending some time together, it makes sense to know who you’ll be hanging out with….

I’m Rhea Freeman, brand ambassador for Hiho Silver and devoted fan. I also work really closely with Emma and the team on Hiho’s various PR, marketing and social media campaigns. I’ve been working in the equestrian and country industry for over 10 years and keep a very close on eye on the styles, trends and ideas that this industry has to offer. Mainly because I love seeing what’s coming next, but also because I am a complete country girl. I have two horses and a dog and live just at the back of beyond on the Shropshire/Worcestershire border. I am passionate about the country and equestrian lifestyle – more than that – I live it every day, just like many, many fellow Hiho fans. I am also a mum to two small boys (twins) and they turn two later this month.

The idea of this corner of Hiho’s site is to help share great finds with you, whatever form they might take. To let them delight you as much as they delight me, and Emma, and the lovely people we will also have contributing guest content for us. These might be our esteemed brand ambassadors or Hiho’s beloved customers, the people behind brands through to people that make the equestrian and country world what it is. There’s loads in store.

So I invite you to put your feet up, put the kettle on (or get a G&T if it’s the right time of day!) and dive into the blog. I really hope it delights and inspires you. If you have anything you’d like to see here, then do get in touch – we would love to hear from you!

See you very, very soon


Rhea Freeman is an equestrian and country business coach and PR consultant. In addition to working on this blog, you can also find her businessey posts over on, and she spends (way too much) time on social media too – have a look for @rheafreeman on Twitter and /rheafreemanpr on Instagram and Facebook

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