Introducing Blackdown Shepherd Huts - the location for Hiho & Co

Published : 28/01/2019 16:40:24
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Introducing Blackdown Shepherd Huts - the location for Hiho & Co

We are beyond excited about our Hiho & Co event, which will be held in our home county of Somerset on 11th February. Not only are we excited to share a little bit of Somerset with you, we’re also really pleased to be able to introduce you to Blackdown Shepherd Huts - the venue we’re running the event in. We’re friends with the lovely people over at Blackdown and were thrilled when they said we could host the event there. And we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to them.

Who are Blackdown Shepherd Huts?

Located a stone’s throw from Hiho Towers, Blackdown is a lovely small business that our Queen Bee knows particularly well. Her award winning Dimpsey shepherd’s hut is one of their creations! The team make the most beautiful shepherd huts for glampsites, hotels, as extra space/home offices and lots more too. The huts can be supplied as self build for those who like a bit of DIY, or as complete, ready to go huts. Now, don’t think these these small but perfectly formed spaces are anything but stunning. The ‘turnkey’ huts in particular are like luxury on wheels, with beautiful lux interiors and decor, craftsmanship like you’ve never seen, and so many little touches. The brace huts (these are where two huts are joined together) can also feature roll top baths. The Blackdown team really do create the most amazing spaces. And for Hiho & Co, we get to play in some of these!

Why did we choose Blackdown Shepherd Huts?

If you have a wander over to their website or Instagram feed, it’ll all become very clear! We’re going to use the huts in one of the workshops as we know that they will provide the most amazing backdrop. When you’re creating content, it’s not all about the focus of the shoot, and having a stunning background that displays the products you want to focus in a way that makes them even more special is important. We also felt that the story behind Blackdown was incredibly inspiring. And let’s not forget the lunch plans. And the surrounding area. Blackdown Shepherd Huts ticked ALL the boxes. It’s a little different but we can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be.

Why not follow Blackdown Shepherd Huts on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for even more info! 

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