I want to tell you a story... about Hiho & Co

Published : 08/09/2021 10:59:05
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I want to tell you a story... about Hiho & Co

I absolutely love our Hiho & Co days.  It’s one of my favourite things to do, get a group of amazing people in a room and watch the energy lift higher as they make connections and inspire each other.  Then over the months that follow, watching these connections deepen and strengthen, returning to our next event as firm friends but still very ready to welcome and encourage newcomers.

So most of these connections start online, meet in real life and then return to online with a greater sense of self and community, secure in the knowledge that it’s OK to feel nervous about things, or not on form sometimes because there are other people out there feeling just like you.  People who will support you, celebrate you and reach out to help you.

The very first Hiho & Co started out with a group of us online who wanted to put an event on to meet up with others and share some skills, I’d been to offline meet-ups of online friends and there was nothing like that happening in our area of the internet.  So I created it and 7 incredible ladies who I was in a group with joined me, adding their ideas and enthusiasm and we created a day full of cake, photography and style skills.

But then it became so much more, once we added in the magic in the room when everyone got together, it was obvious that all the attendees together held so much potential and could have a real impact on each other, within and beyond the event.

So ‘Be all you can be’ started to become a big part of our events - to encourage people to believe in themselves and to reach to become the very best version of themselves, that they want themselves to be.  No judgement, no measurement, no competition - just support and collaboration.

Monday 13th September 2021, will see Hiho & Co #4 taking place - after a long Covid postponement - and we are pushing things on again.  ‘Be all you can be’ will always be our mantra, but we’ve learnt more about who we are along our journey, and now we know what we do in a much more defined and focused way.  

Now, we know that we are Brand Curators, a collaborative community of inspiring people who want to create content that is authentic and true to themselves, and tells their story.  When we get together we spend our time enjoying each other’s company and honing our curation skills, but we also learn and support, we grow in confidence and when we leave our day together, we have threads running between us that go back into our online lives.  

Some days those threads are a like on a photo, or a cheery hello, and on other days they are like cords of steel that support us when we lose sight of who we are, or something makes us uncertain or sad.

That’s the power of community, that’s the power of Hiho & Co - out there together, fuelled by cake…

Emma x


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