#Hihostylespotter Saturday – supported by Mackenzie & George

Published : 31/08/2018 16:43:25
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#Hihostylespotter Saturday – supported by Mackenzie & George
Our lovely friends over at luxury British lifestyle brand Mackenzie & George have very kindly agreed to support Saturday’s #hihostylespotter competition… with a £100 gift voucher!
Mackenzie & George are regulars on the show circuit and can be found in Rural Crafts at Burghley this year. A number of our ambassadors are also HUGE M&G fans, actually, we all are. Between everyone we probably have enough to start our own Mackenzie & George stand!
As for what you can spend your voucher on, the choice is yours. Maybe you’d like a fabulous fedora and feather pin? A handmade belt with personalisation? How about a lovely leather clutch with snaffle detail? The choice is yours if you win, you’ll have £100 voucher to spend on what you wish!
In addition, we’re giving today’s winner one of our Exclusive Burghley Roller Charms. These specially designed beads sit on our Foxtail bracelet and other popular makes of charm bracelet, including Pandora. It has Burghley around the bead itself and the charm element has gold plated detail on the horseshoe nails. 
We’re incredibly grateful to Mackenzie & George for providing our Saturday prize. Make sure you go and see the stand at Burghley!
How to enter #hihostylespotter
It’s really simple
  • Take a picture of yourself and your outfit at Burghley Horse Trials OR a Burghley worthy outfit from home (you don’t have to be at the event to enter!)
  • Upload to your Instagram feed tagging @hihosilveruk and using #hihostylespotter
  • THAT’S IT! The competition closes at 9pm each evening. Pics posted after 9pm will be carried over to the next day with the exception of Sunday as that is when the competition closes. After this time Harriet Edwards will pick the winner for this day.

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