#hiholoves... Zoe Boyd

Published : 16/09/2020 07:41:30
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#hiholoves... Zoe Boyd

Welcome back to another Wednesday! This week, we would love to introduce you to Zoe Boyd. Before further ado, let's jump in and let Zoe introduce herself in our latest #hiholoves blog! 

My name is Zoe and I am a 30 year old unaffliated rider from Cornwall. I am a residential child care worker in a Special Needs Secondary school. I ride a horse called Brian (otherwise known as Princess Brian due to his regal personality), he is 15hh and 14 years old, we are mostly on the show jumping scene but have recently been dabbling in a small amount of dressage. 

In my spare time I am out walking my two dogs (Rory and Reggie) on the beach or in the woods, out socialising with my friends or messing around with the horses. 

For my Brand Love partner I chose the incredibly clever and talented Horseshoe Hearts and Gifts owned and ran by Faye and Barry, my reasons for choosing them are unlimited. I first spoke to Faye when we both were relatively new on the social media scene and we’ve grown together. Faye is a huge supporter of Brian and I, and this is my way of repaying them and showing how much I appreciate their support.  

I truly believe that when someone can make a sentimental item for another person with such love and care needs to be recognised, it is almost like a selfless act. Also Faye is a brilliant artist and her work is just beautiful and unique. They are such genuine people with the desire to create the perfect gifts for yourself, friends and family. 

Life Loves – this is a toughie as I have a lot of support online and offline. My family are obviously high up there as they are the most open and accepting folk around, my best friend Gemma Slaney (@Gem_on_fire) is just an absolute beast when it comes to me doubting myself – a verbal slap across the back of the head does me the world of good. We definitely bring the best out of each other and push each other out of our safety nets when it comes to our horses. Finally there is a girlfriend Shar who is always spurring me on behind the scenes, I could jump a cross pole and she’d be uber proud. 

My one piece of advice about posting on social media – just be yourself, if you’re authentic then you’ll have a much more loyal following and support system. Quality is 100% better than quantity, I’d rather have one genuine comment on a post than 10 fake ones. 

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