#hiholoves... Lexi from Beauty in the Cotswolds

Published : 19/08/2020 12:00:17
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#hiholoves... Lexi from Beauty in the Cotswolds

Welcome to our next #hiholoves blog post, where this week we are introducing to you Lexi from Beauty in the Cotswolds! 

Hi, I’m Lexi, I live in the Cotswolds on our family farm with my husband brad and son Toby!  I’m an aerial sling instructor and do eyebrows for a bit if pocket money but my main position here is supporting brad with the sheep on the farm!  


In my spare time I spend most of my time upside down on the silks or walking with my son! I also love exploring the local area and especially local places to eat!  


I picked joules as my brand loves! I’ve been wearing joules as long as I can remember and has always been part of my life in some way! I love that the prints are inspired by the English countryside and the cuts are designed to be flattering and comfortable for everyone.  I also love how joules has so much fun with clothing!!   

One piece of advice on posting on social media is to make sure you are enjoying yourself! I love creating pictures and really look forward to sharing them! It’s got to be fun!  

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