#hiholoves... Farmer Ruth!

Published : 21/10/2020 09:38:38
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#hiholoves... Farmer Ruth!

Welcome to another #hiholoves post! Today we are introducing to you Ruth, also known as Farmer Ruth! Why not have a read below and find out more about her! 

Tell us a bit about you, who you are, where you live, what you do etc? 

Hi, my name is Ruth and I live in beautiful Cornwall on a dairy farm with my boyfriend Jack and our puppy Freddie. I work as a freelance journalist and PR assistant – I mainly write for farming publications, so every day is a new subject – which I love!  

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love going to the beach, you can’t beat a blustery coastal walk followed by a hot cup of tea or a Sunday roast!  

Who did you pick as your Brand Love partner and why? 

I chose Chatham because I LIVE in my deck shoes – they’re easy to chuck on and are some of the most comfortable shoes I own. I’ve had mine for four years and I’ve worn them pretty much non-stop, from work to dog walks – you’ll find me in a pair all year round.  


Who did you pick as your Life loves and why? 

I have met some amazing friends through Hiho & Co and made memories I will cherish forever. But a big thank you has to go out to my boyfriend Jack, who doesn’t even have Instagram, but always supports me in every way and doesn’t bat an eyelid when I ask him to take (yet another!) Instagram photo for me.  

One piece of advice about posting on social media 

Just be you – post the things that make you happy and that way you’ll get to know people with similar interests – I’ve met some of the most amazing people though Instagram. Be all you can be and that’s enough! 

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