#hiholoves... Emma Greensmith

Published : 17/11/2020 23:55:38
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#hiholoves... Emma Greensmith

Welcome to today's #hiholoves where would like to introduce to you Emma! You can find all her brand and life loves below... over to Emma!

Tell us a bit about you, who you are, where you live, what you do etc.?

Hello! I’m Emma, I’m 28 years old and I live in the beautiful county of Derbyshire.

I work full time for the NHS as a staff nurse after being redeployed at the start of covid. I was thrown right out of my comfort zone but has pushed me and made me love my job all over again! This has strengthened my view that things happen for a reason, and sometimes you need to take that leap of faith and see where it takes you!

I have a very close relationship to my mum, dad and little brother! Which has been difficult not seeing them through Lockdown 2.0! I have a wonderful boyfriend, but my two real loves in my life are my two Labradors Charlie and Waldo. They have helped me through some gruesome times and proving that dogs really are a girl’s best friend! 

What do you do in your spare time?

I love nothing more than being outdoors. Rain, shine, wind, and snow I’m out there! I have favourite walks I do with the dogs on my days off. I put my headphones in, classic FM on and get into the fresh air!

Three years ago I picked up my first shotgun at the game fair and I’ve never looked back! Another example of just going for it and taking that leap of faith! I then joined the shotgun and Chelsea bun club, and with the support of some amazing ladies I’ve been to some beautiful places and had some incredible experiences. Although this year has not been as jam packed full of clay days, simulated game days and game days, I’ve already started to look to next year with any luck! 

Who did you pick as your brand love and why?

My brand love is the wonderful Clare Haggas fine art (formerly Clare Shaw) 

I have known of Clare Haggas for several years now after seeing another lady on a shooting day with the Yorkshire fillies and had to have one! I now own many of her scarves! They are completely timeless and beautiful and go well with so many outfits from out in the field to cocktails in the city!

 I love the background to the brand and how it has blossomed from a small business and just how much love and passion has gone into it.  All of the products are made in England and the packaging is second to none! Plus it isn’t just scarves that she does, her artwork is gorgeous and the cushions are beautiful!

Who did you pick for your life love and why?

This was a difficult choice, but I have had to pick my best friend and mum Sarah (and recent hiho convert after a Christmas present last year!) 

She is my absolute rock. Even though we have the odd mum and daughter fight (who doesn’t!) she is always there for me all of the time.  She is always the one I go to for advice on anything, and even though I disagree, she always turns out to be right!

I took her to the game fair with me last year, and will be, excluding this year for obvious reasons, be our yearly trip! We love taking the dogs out for a walk in the Derbyshire countryside and going for a coffee or lunch afterwards! 

One piece of advice for posting on social media.

Just absolutely be yourself. Likes aren’t everything; so even if you get 10 or 100 likes, just don’t worry! Post the things that you love make you laugh, and most importantly memories! Social media can be like huge scrapbooks so fill it up! Also be kind, you don’t know what can be hiding behind peoples little squares, they aren’t always, as they seem. Just relax and post that photo you’ve wanted to post! 

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