#hiholoves... Terri-Ann!

Published : 30/09/2020 09:37:03
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#hiholoves... Terri-Ann!

Welcome back to another #hiholoves! This week we are introducing to you Terri-Ann! We cannot wait to share with you a little more about Terri! ⁠

Tell us a bit about you, who you are, where you live, what you do etc?  

So my name is Terri-ann, I live in the Midlands with my partner of 11 years, Neil, and 15 year old son, Donnie. I live a remarkably average life working as an accountant during the week but definitely like to make up for that at weekends!  

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I picked up a shotgun for the first time around 3 years ago, and soon learned it’s a lot more fun than first impressions allow you to believe! So I have been trying as many different types of shooting as I can and encouraging other women to do the same! 

Who did you pick as your Brand Love partner and why? 

For my brand love I chose Salthouse, they are an amazing small business that I have had the privilege of working with from the start. Since their launch last year they have released 3 of the most beautiful bags, they are always original and have the most incredible passion for what they do, I have absolutely fallen in love with this brand and genuinely want them to succeed.  


Who did you pick as your Life loves and why? 

After my partner, who is my absolute rock and my wonderful 15year old son who has taught me so much about life and love I have to give a mention to the people that I have met through social media, the ones that become much more than familiar faces on your grid but friends and all of the laughs and adventures that come with them! I also need to thank the Hiho & Co team for all of their encouragement with this and the community they have created.  


One piece of advice about posting on social media 

 That first and foremost it should be your page, filled with your life, memories and things you enjoy! I think sometimes too much emphasis is put on likes and what people will think and it takes the joy away from what you set out to do! So ask yourself, do I love it?  

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