Hiho Silver launches the Official Pony Club Collection

Published : 30/10/2019 13:00:03
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Hiho Silver launches the Official Pony Club Collection

Hiho Silver is delighted to announce the new Official Pony Club Collection is now available on its website.

The official, exclusive collection is made up to two carefully designed friendship bracelets, which really encapsulate the Pony Club’s iconic branding and spirit.

Both bracelets are made using three colours of plaited cord; the same purple, sky blue and gold that feature on the Pony Club’s tie. Hiho’s clever toggle system means that one size fits all as it makes the bracelets highly adjustable. Both bracelets have a dual branded silver toggle (with Hiho on one side and Pony Club on the other); the main difference between the two is on the front. 

“We’ve designed two Pony Club Friendship Bracelets- one is made from the cord and branded sterling silver toggle alone, and the other has a flat sterling silver disc at the front featuring The Pony Club’s logo. The back of the disc is plain for engraving if the wearer wants,” said Emma Warren from Hiho Silver. 

“The Collection was created to celebrate the Pony Club’s 90th year – it’s a real institution for so many of our customers and an integral part of the equestrian scene, so when we had the opportunity to work with the Pony Club, we were thrilled. Our very own King Of The Road (aka Andrew Ransford) spent a lot of time at Pony Club – between the Swansea & District and Cotley branches- when he was growing up. He made many life long friends there, so the friendship bracelet idea didn’t take us a lot of thinking about – it was the perfect design for this organisation!”

The Pony Club Collection officially launched at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials and is now available online too. It will also be on Hiho Silver’s Olympia stand.

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