Hiho Silver introduces Hiho Handmade

Published : 05/12/2018 04:37:26
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Hiho Silver introduces Hiho Handmade

Hiho Silver’s new Hiho Handmade Collection combines precious stones with pearls and silver elements to form a range of beautifully handmade jewellery that delivers a colour pop to any outfit.

The Collection is handmade in the UK by the Hiho team and, although there are a range of products available online and in the Sherborne shop, if a particular colour combination is desired, that can be made bespoke too.

“We’re well known for designing jewellery, but we’re also a pretty hands on bunch and have been making pieces for people for years,” says Emma Warren from Hiho Silver. “In the Hiho Handmade Collection, we’ve brought together some of our favourite and most popular combinations. This allows people to get a chance to see what we can do and what kind of items we can make for them. Because they’re made here, we can make pieces bespoke, so if you have specific colours you like, or you want a really special gift for a friend using colours or stones that mean something, we can do that too.”

The Hiho Handmade Collection contains bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Currently a range of freshwater pearl, onyx, turquoise, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, garnet, amethyst, and rose quartz pieces are available, incorporating sterling silver beads, twists and fastenings. Rose gold plated detail is also available.

The Hiho Handmade Collection is available online now, and prices start from £20. Bespoke pieces can be made too, just contact the team at Hiho Towers. To find out more, see www.hihosilver.co.uk.


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