Hiho Silver designs two new bangles in collaboration with Mojo

Published : 11/01/2019 11:05:24
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Hiho Silver designs two new bangles in collaboration with Mojo

Hiho Silver has recently created two new sterling silver bangles with Mojo, which incorporate the brand’s Mojo disks into the design. These two new bracelets sold out so quickly that it’s only in the last few weeks there have been enough to put online!


The two bangles are made using sterling silver and feature two sterling silver engraved disks and four beads (either four sterling silver or two sterling silver and two sterling silver with CZ crystals). The silver disks contain the Mojo disks and allow them to be held correctly on the wrist. With a spring clip fastening, both bangles are easy to put on and take off.


“We’ve loved creating this Mojo Bangle with the company,” said Emma Warren, Managing Director of Hiho Silver. “Mojo’s wristbands are really popular in the equestrian world, so it made sense to work with Mojo to create something really beautiful that could be worn in and out of the saddle. We’re really pleased with how both versions turned out, and it’s great to see the bangles on Instagram too!”


Both the Exclusive Sterling Silver Mojo Bangle and the Exclusive Sterling Silver & CZ Mojo Bangle are available from Hiho Silver and Mojo. They cost £200 each.

For more information, see www.hihosilver.co.uk



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