Hiho & Co Feb 2019 - The round-up

Published : 19/02/2019 11:17:11
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Hiho & Co Feb 2019 - The round-up

Well, what can we say about Hiho & Co?

We're still buzzing from our last event, Hiho & Co, which was held at Blackdown Shepherd Huts on Monday 11th February. There's been the most incredible amount of posts from our lovely attendees already, but we wanted to also write a quick blog about it too. Because, it really was superb.

What is Hiho & Co?
Hiho & Co is the name we give to our Instameet/workshops/skill sharing events. February’s was the second one we held and we were a teeny bit worried about how we were going to top the first. However, we relocated, we worked with the most INCREDIBLE team, and with the most amazing, engaged and lovely guests a company could ask for, we knew it would be a good one!
What happened on the day?
To give you a quick overview of the day, we split out guests into two groups. One group had a workshop with the incredible Capture By Lucy around flatlay and content creation, and the other group was split into four further groups for smaller workshops. These smaller groups were run by Sophie Callahan, Melanie Clarihew, Rachel Bragg and Rhea Freeman, and took place inside Blackdown’s shepherd huts and their beautiful office. These focused more around content, brands and repurposing, and all were really well received. Guests were also treated to workshop tours, a selfie hut, the most delicious lunch, afternoon tea, and a LOT of cake. And of course, they got the chance to chat, make new friends, improve their skills, and laugh and smile. It really was lovely!
Which other brands were involved?
We’re lucky in that we get to work with some amazing brands, and Hiho & Co was no exception. We work very closely with Mackenzie & George on Hiho & Co - Melanie is part of the organising group, ran a workshop (twice!), had a stunning display in the tea room, and with Chris they made the most beautiful personalised luggage tags for the guests. If you get chance to look at the lanyards again, do… M&G made them and embossed them with Hiho & Co…
Ben from Fairfax & Favor came down and helped us set up, created a stunning display, let us use their products as props, and was on hand to help our guests with all their F&F questions! In addition, Fairfax & Favor gave gorgeous luxury handbag tassels in the goody bags. These were very well received!
Next up, Joules. Andrew, our King Of The Road, knows Tom Joule from show days, and we were delighted to have Joules as part of our event. Not only did they provide us with boxes of props for our various workshops, they also made sure that each guest had a gorgeous Joules scarf in their goody bag.
Albion Lifestyle and Albion Saddlemakers provided props for the styling sessions, duo pots of leather soap and balm for the goody bags, and Annie Belton Green was on hand all day to answer questions and chat to people. Alice Fox-Pitt also attended and we loved hearing her talk about the support that Albion has continued to give William since he was 17. Talk about a loyal sponsor and an amazing relationship!
We were very lucky to have Hullaballoo drinks provide liquid refreshment for our guests at lunchtime. These very (very) yummy still lemonades went down a storm - not only at lunchtime but they were in the huts for the styling sessions too - they keep popping up online!
Cupsmith provided the most beautifully packaged tea for our goody bags, and also sent some ‘full size’ bags for the styling sessions in the huts. We love the designs of the packaging and felt that they fitted in with the style and theme of what we were creating so, so well.
We were also loaned some blankets from The Tartan Blanket Co, which went into the workshop style sessions too.
And last but by no means least - Capture By Lucy. Our Queen Bee, Emma Warren, has been on courses run by Lucy before and was so impressed that she invited her to lead a workshop at Hiho & Co. The workshop was so well received and the feedback we’ve already had back has been brilliant. It was lovely to have Lucy as part of our team too!
So there you have it - a very brief overview. We want to take this opportunity to thank the brands who took apart in Hiho & Co, everyone who came, our events team, the behind the scenes team (who made the most delicious food!), and Blackdown too, for hosting us. We also worked with photographer Matt Sweeting on the day, and the images you’ll see in this blog are by him.
Here are some other blogs and vlogs about the day…
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P.S - if you want to see what our guests got up to, check out the #hihoandco hashtag on Instagram 

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