Hiho 25 hits the shows

Published : 19/06/2019 14:23:11
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Hiho 25 hits the shows

Hiho 25 is a new Collection of limited edition pieces created by the company to celebrate its brand anniversary. At Badminton Horse Trials in May, the first pieces made their debut appearance at a show, and now a number of them are online. This Collection will be added to throughout the year too.

The Hiho 25 Collection combines extra special new pieces with strong links to Hiho’s history. The diverse collection has something for everyone, and was really popular at Badminton Horse Trials when the first pieces were available.

“We’ve been planning this Collection since last year, and it took us a long time to decide which pieces to include,” said Emma Warren, MD of Hiho Silver. “We’ve combined Limited Edition versions of best sellers like Pearl & Knot, lots of nods back to early Hiho like a charm in the same rearing horse shape as our first logo, and some classics, like the Noughts & Crosses Collection. We have lots of new additions planned to release throughout the year too… and all at different price points.”

The Special Edition Pearl & Knot Necklaces mentioned above use Hiho’s popular necklace design featuring sterling silver tubes, knots, and freshwater pearls, but with two different colours of freshwater pearls: pink/mauve and peach. Both have a stunning lustre.

Charms make up a key part of the current Hiho 25 Collection too with the Exclusive Sterling Silver Rearing Horse sitting alongside a new picnic basket charm, Noughts and Crosses Roller Bead and many more.

“It’s lovely to see how people are responding to these classics,” said Emma. “We have people who bought the original versions still visiting us on the stands year on year (with their original pieces!) and that longevity has always been key to Hiho. We look forward to seeing these and our new pieces at many shows to come!”

The Hiho 25 Collection contains a range of pieces with jewellery starting at £25 for a Roller Charm. The Special Edition Pearl & Knot Necklaces retail at £255.

For more information, see www.hihosilver.co.uk

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