Go green with our new CZ Roller Bead!

Published : 22/11/2017 15:04:06
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Go green with our new CZ Roller Bead!

If you love Mary King as much as we do are here at Hiho Silver, then you will love our newest addition to our Cherry Roller collection!

We have a brand new CZ Roller bead for you which is available in a gorgeous emerald green, inspired from Mary King's iconic green cross country colours! Not only is it available to buy now as a single CZ Cherry Roller bangle, but you can also buy the bead to slide onto your Foxtail Bracelet at home. It is also now a part of our Create Your Own Cherry Roller making it a must-have statement piece in your jewellery collection!

“We’re expanding our Cherry Roller Collection all the time, and the introduction of the Create Your Own Cherry Roller has coincided with the introduction of this green CZ Roller Bead,” said our Queen Bee, Emma. The particular shade of green we’ve chosen was inspired by Mary. We’re huge fans of hers, sponsor Emily, and it was a lovely link that works so well with the green tone we picked. We’re really excited about it and love how fresh and vibrant this bead it. It looks great next to the silver and rose gold rollers in particular.

You can find our Green CZ Roller Bead and Cherry Roller Bangle in our Cherry Roller Collection!

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