Fox Plait Leather Charm Bracelet now available in even more colours

Published : 15/05/2019 10:30:42
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Fox Plait Leather Charm Bracelet now available in even more colours

Hiho Silver’s popular Fox Plait Leather Charm Bracelet is now available in even more colours, in response to customer demand.

This plaited leather bracelet is available in both single wrap and double wrap variations. Both styles feature a tough and practical Hiho engraved stainless steel clasp that holds the bracelet firmly closed but is also easy to do up and take off. In addition, the design means that charm beads can be added to create a totally customised bracelet. 

“The idea for the Fox Plait came from our exclusive Foxtail bracelet, which is our sterling silver charm bracelet,” said Emma Warren, Managing Director of Hiho Silver. “We wanted to be able to offer another beautiful way for people to collect and wear their charms, and we felt that a leather charm bracelet was the answer. As per our silver version, these can be worn just as they are or adorned with charms, but being leather we’re able to have different colours that people love. We started off with just black and purple, but have recently added a two tone brown and steel grey which are going down really well.” 

All the Fox Plait Bracelets are just 3mm in diameter making them the perfect size for charms. This width also gives the bracelet a delicate appearance and allows it to stack with other jewellery without dominating. The Fox Plait works seamlessly with the rest of the range, fits customers’ needs, and is robust enough to fit the brand’s ‘from mucking out to going out’ mantra.

The Fox Plait Bracelet is available in single or double wrap in black, purple, tan/dark brown, and steel grey, and costs £20 for single wrap and £30 for double. Charm beads are sold separately.

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