Finding out about Ruth Wills…

Published : 18/09/2018 09:53:38
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Finding out about Ruth Wills…
We had such an amazing time at the Style, Skills & Silver event at The Fish and met so many lovely people, that we wanted to share a bit more with you. So we’ve decide to run a blog series about some of the lovely people who attended the event. And today, it’s all about Ruth. Over to her...

Tell us a bit about your business/blog/what you do

I am a freelance agricultural journalist and PR assistant – by day ???? and I’m otherwise known as Farmer Ruth – agricultural lifestyle blogger.

Why did you decide to come to Style, Skills & Silver?

I loved the format – not just an instameet – two really valuable workshops too. As well as meeting people I’ve followed for years and putting names to faces.

What did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed both workshops but I thought the skills workshop was really interesting with fab flatlay tips. But of course drinking tea and eating cake! 

Have you/are you planning to use any of the skills you learnt there?

I’ve already been consciously thinking about the way I style outfits – a really interesting tip from Melanie was having three touch points – three of the same things whether it be colour, texture or material. I’ve also been considering how the light effects my flatlays. 

Thinking of style, what are your most loved products – what will we always see you in when you’re out and about?

Without a doubt I wear Hiho everyday –the springy bangle and now a new addition – the bee necklace! Autumn is my favourite time for fashion so I live in boots and comfy jumpers. 

Whose style would you like to steal?

Harriet Lily’s – I love how she incorporates the country into her outfits, even when she’s going into the office.

In a flatlay of your day to day life, which items would we find in there?!

A mug of tea, a notebook and pen, my iPhone, something agricultural like a big cow pat (just kidding) or a few ears of corn, some Hiho jewellery and a scarf (I love a scarf). 

Now for the serious stuff…

What’s your favourite type of cake?

Lemon drizzle!

What’s your favourite event – horse trials or other?

Royal Cornwall Show – our biggest agricultural show and my second favourite event of the year after Christmas! 

Where can we find you on social media?

My Twitter is - & Instagram - 

Where can we find you online (website addresses) 

My blog is - 

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