Feel Festive with Hiho's new Festive Cherry Roller

Published : 15/12/2017 18:28:08
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Feel Festive with Hiho's new Festive Cherry Roller

Christmas is just around the corner, so we have created a new Festive Cherry Roller right in time for the holiday season! Created with our solid sterling silver, this particular Cherry Roller Bangle has 3 CZ roller beads in green and red to give the bangle a festive feel.

“Our new green CZ Roller Bead is such a stunning colour that we couldn’t resist making it up into a festive piece with a red CZ Roller Bead too,” said our Queen Bee, Emma. “As we customise the Cherry Roller Bangles in Somerset or on the show stand, we often play around with colour combinations for our customers, which is something anyone can do through the Personalise Your Own Cherry Roller Service we offer. It’s sometimes hard to visual how colours look together, and it’s a fun exercise for us too. Some of the combinations we’ve created have been even more beautiful than we thought they would be, whether these are pieces we’ve been playing with or bangles created for our customers at their request. Our customers do have exceptional taste!”

The Festive Cherry Roller needn’t be just for Christmas though. It would be great for anyone who competes or rides in red and green (whether cross country colours or racing colours), or just for people who like the way the beads look together. Another benefit of our Cherry Roller is that if you want the coloured beads changing, we can do just that, with the cost of the beads and a small fitting fee charged.

Perfect for a stocking filler or present, this truly makes a gift that a loved one will never forget and can use for many years to come!

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