Could you win our #hihostylespotter crown?

Published : 28/08/2018 16:58:50
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Could you win our #hihostylespotter crown?
This year, we’ve teamed up with brand ambassador Harriet Edwards (aka A Girl About Country) and a number of our brand friends to shine a light on the stunning style we all see each year at Burghley Horse Trials. The great thing is that it is REALLY easy to enter over on Instagram and there are some amazing prizes up for grabs which we’ll announce first thing each morning…
What is #hihostylespotter
#hihostylespotter is an Instagram hashtag that we started last year during the event and are set to resurrect this year. This year, we want YOU to tag your Burghley snaps with this hashtag and, at the end of each day, Harriet Edwards will look at who’s entered and pick her favourite look for the day. We’ll then announce this on our story over on Instagram (we’re @hihosilveruk).
So, the rules are simple…
  1. Take a picture of yourself at Burghley Horse Trials
  2. Pop it on Instagram
  3. Tag Hiho (@hihosilveruk) and use #hihostylespotter as one of your hashtags 
  4. Do this before 7pm each evening. Pics posted after 7pm will be carried over into the next day. 
It’s as simple at that!
What could you win?
Well, you are in for an absolute treat! We’ve had a chat with some of our lovely brand friends and have secured amazing prizes from Mackenzie & George, Dubarry, Pol Roger, Fairfax & Favor and us, obviously!
On Monday, we’ll take a picture of each of the four winners and put them on our Facebook page for voting… the winner of this stage will win an extra prize from us… how good is that?!
So that’s all there is to it. We are SO excited about this competition and can’t wait for you to get involved. See you over on Instagram , you #hihostylespotter you!
You can find our Instagram here and Harriet's Instagram here

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