Celebrate spring with our new Primrose Yellow Roller Bead!

Published : 26/03/2018 11:22:00
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Celebrate spring with our new Primrose Yellow Roller Bead!

The days are getting longer and the sun is starting to shine a little brighter, so there’s no better time to celebrate spring than now with our brand new Primrose Yellow CZ Roller Bead.

Just like our other CZ beads, our Sterling Silver & Primrose Yellow CZ Roller Bead can be added to a Cherry Roller Bangle or a charm bracelet, just like our Foxtail Bracelet. With this specific tone of yellow, the roller bead mimics the yellow of primroses, making this CZ bead a great addition to your CZ Roller bead collection!

“We are really delighted to welcome this new spring-like addition to the Collection,” our Queen Bee, Emma, said. “After what feels like the longest winter, this pretty, light and bright bead feels like a little bit of spring on its own.

We have an ever-growing collection of Roller Beads as our customers love to personalise their pieces. This pale yellow colour is going to be ideal for those wishing to have a Cherry Roller or charm to match their yellow cross country colours this season.

If you haven’t yet started your CZ Roller Bead collection, there are 8 other roller beads for you to choose from, meaning that no matter, what outfit you are wearing, or what your cross country colours are, there is a CZ Roller Bead just for you!

You can find our Primrose Yellow CZ Roller Bead in our charms collection, as well adding it through Create Your Own Cherry Roller Bangle.

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