Brand New Stirrups Bracelet with T-Bar

Published : 16/11/2017 12:17:27
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Brand New Stirrups Bracelet with T-Bar

We are delighted to welcome our brand-new sterling silver Stirrups Bracelet with its exclusive T-Bar! Perfect for all equestrian lovers, the bracelet is linked with gently oxidised stirrup leathers and plain sterling silver buckles. Not only are the stirrups beautifully connected to each other, the bracelet is finished with our exclusive new addition of the whip T-Bar fastening!

“This is a really nice statement piece that we’re very excited about, especially as it features our new T-bar,” said our Queen Bee, Emma. The new piece is robust, just like the rest of our collection, and we think the leather and buckle detail, captured in silver, makes it extra special. And that’s before we get onto the T-bar! This element will be appearing on a number of our T-bar fastening pieces over the coming months as it’s exclusive to us, and designed by us. We know the T fastening isn’t new, but the way this one is crafted from silver to form two little whips makes it extra special.

Just in time for Christmas, this piece would make an extra special present, and make sure to keep an eye out for our new whip T-bar fastenings! 

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