Brand New Solid Gold Bangles launched at Cheltenham

Published : 23/03/2018 11:12:43
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Brand New Solid Gold Bangles launched at Cheltenham

If you came to our stand at Cheltenham Festival this year, then you may have caught a glimpse of some of our newest additions including two new solid gold bracelets!

Based on two of our best sellers designs, our brand new bracelets include a Solid Gold Foxy Bangle and a Solid Gold Cherry Roller Bangle, as well as the Starter Bangle so you can customise your own.  

“Gold Cup Week at the Cheltenham Festival seemed like the perfect place to launch our two new solid gold pieces,” said our Queen Bee, Emma. “Both of these pieces, in their silver and gold plated forms, have been really popular with our customers, and both look so good in gold, that we decided to have them made in the UK and launch them at Cheltenham. And we’re really delighted with how both pieces have turned out.”

Just like our Sterling Silver Foxy Bangle, our Gold Foxy Bangle features a solid fox body mounted onto Hiho’s snaffle style bangle with a handy clip that makes it easy to put on and take off. The gold has been worked so it mimics the texture of the fox’s coat, and the fox’s mask and tail have also been beautifully crafted to give the fox that genuine detail.


And for our Cherry Roller lovers, our brand new Solid Gold and Rose Gold Cherry Roller Bangle features a solid yellow gold snaffle bangle with solid gold and rose gold beads or rollers – perfect for anyone who loves a little gold jewellery! Just like our other gold pieces, each roller and bead has been stamped with Hiho.

We always have such interest in our Cherry Rollers and Foxy Bangles that we wanted to progress the range and we feel these solid gold pieces have definitely done this. We’re excited to get feedback on the pieces and to create more in line with our customers’ tastes and wants.

You can find our Solid Gold and Rose Gold Cherry Roller Bangle and our Solid Gold Foxy Roller Bangle in our Solid Gold Collection.

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