Brand New Red CZ Roller Bead – Perfect for the festive season

Published : 09/10/2017 13:23:38
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Brand New Red CZ Roller Bead – Perfect for the festive season

The new red CZ Roller Bead is here! Our CZ Roller Bead Collection has expanded to include a stunning new red CZ charm. With Christmas now just around the corner, our Red CZ charm is a great addition to your bracelets when you need to add a little festive bling for the upcoming months, or you just love adding a little colour to your outfits!

“Our CZ Roller Beads give people the chance to create a completely customised Cherry Roller Bangle or Foxtail Bracelet, and this is something that our customers really love to do,” said our very own Queen Bee, Emma Warren. “The addition of the red bead came just before we were asked to create a patriotic cherry roller bangle where every bead was a CZ roller in navy, white and red. We’ve seen a huge number of combinations of CZ roller beads, but also customers who mix these with solid gold, solid gold with diamond, gold vermeil and sterling silver roller beads. It’s really inspiring.”

Like most of our other Roller Beads, this Red CZ Roller Bead charm can fit onto our Sterling Silver Foxtail Bracelet, and adding one is as easy as simply sliding on the charm! We can also add it to any of our existing Cherry Roller Bangles – you can either send us your Cherry Roller Bangle or find a new one on our website to customise and we can add the new charm on for a small fee.

We think the red bead is going to be really popular and we can’t wait to see what combinations our customers make with the available selection.

You can find both the Exclusive Cherry Roller Bangle with one red CZ Roller Bead and the red CZ bead alone on our website! 

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