Bling and bespoke… build you own Cherry Roller

Published : 17/10/2017 11:55:05
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Bling and bespoke… build you own Cherry Roller

I make no secret of the fact that I adore the Cherry Roller. This exclusive Hiho design is something I have adored since the first picture pinged into my inbox, and each new addition is met with oohhs and ahhs from me. So can you imagine my delight when the new ‘create your own cherry roller’ page appeared? Oh yes, there were oohhs and ahhhs aplenty!

I’ve recently written a blog about why I love the CZ roller beads, so it seemed more than a little fitting to share a bit of that with you as I have the privilege of explaining how, with the new product option, you can make your own too.

What’s a CZ Roller Bead?

Let’s start with the basics. A CZ Roller Bead is what Hiho calls those sterling silver, crystal encrusted beads that fit on Cherry Roller Bangles and Foxtail Bracelets. These beads are beautiful. The colours available are gorgeous, the designs means they’re pretty robust, and they work really well alongside sterling silver, gold and rose gold vermeil, solid sterling silver beads, and Roller Charms too. In fact, some of the Roller Charms, like the Fairfax & Favor one, also have a crystal encrusted element.

But aren’t they a bit too… well… blingy?

I’ve always liked the CZ Roller Beads, but hadn’t had the urge to upgrade my sterling silver and rose gold vermeil Cherry Roller until I saw the beads in ‘action’. I met up with Emma Warren, Hiho’s Queen Bee, and she had a Cherry Roller with a CZ Roller Bead… and I was hooked. The great thing about the Cherry Roller is that it’s always been customisable. For people who really love sparkle, all five beads can be CZ (and I’ve seen five bead ones and they are really gorgeous), or you can just have one bead, in white, if you’re a more subtle creature. And, let’s not forget, there is nothing wrong with a classic sterling silver only, sterling silver and gold vermeil, or even solid gold roller combo. You can tone the bead colour with the solid and vermeil beads you have too – so you could go alternate white CZ and sterling silver for a really understated look, or create a real statement by alternating coloured CZ Roller Beads. I saw a lovely red, white and blue one on the Blenheim stand not that long ago, and a stunning turquoise and blue one too. And the beads look gorgeous against solid rose gold or rose gold vermeil. Or solid rose gold with diamonds as in the Four Star. Anyway. I digress.

So, what’s changed?

The Cherry Roller has always been customisable, but it was something that usually happened at shows when the King of the Road was on hand to switch beads. Now, however, you can order the exact colour and bead combination you like through the website. Through the new ‘create your own Cherry Roller’ link.

How do you do it?

It’s really simple. First of all, add the ‘Starter’ bangle to your shopping trolley, and then you just add the five beads you want, simple as that! Each bead is priced, so you know exactly how much it costs as you build it, and you can create something completely bespoke. I’m not known for my maths skills, but there must be thousands of possible combinations you could make. How exciting is that? And just in time for Christmas too…

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