Behind the scenes at the Badminton Best Dressed

Published : 18/05/2018 11:40:12
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Behind the scenes at the Badminton Best Dressed

We can’t believe that Badminton was just a couple of weeks ago – but what an event it was! We had the most amazing time and loved seeing so many of you at the stand. We’re also loving the posts we’re seeing on social media where you’re tagging us with your new buys – big thanks for that- keep them coming!

As you’ll know, we sponsored (and judged) the best dressed at Badminton’s trot up. We thought you might like a bit of behind the scenes goss, so we caught up with Andrew somewhere between Badminton, ChatsworthFloors Castle and Chelsea Flower Show for the behind the scenes take on it…

“Well- what an amazing variety of outfits!” said Andrew. “It felt completely different to last year- it wasn’t just capes and jeans. In some ways this made it easier for us – as in, it’s very hard to differentiate between people wearing very similar things- but in another way it was so much harder. The theme we were judging against was ‘a touch of flair’. This allowed us to look at the outfits as a whole, but to also look at the touches that tie them all together and look different too”

Andrew judged the best dressed with Hiho brand ambassador Alice Plunkett (also know as Alice Fox-Pitt) and stylist and fashion columnist Lady Alice Manners.

“When it came to the winner, there were lots of stand out outfits,” said Andrew. “We all loved Lici Hawker’s look, Danni Dunn – last year’s winner- also scored highly as her coat was amazing. Georgie Spence, who was one of the first at the trot up, also really caught our eye, with the detailing on the jacket coordinating beautifully with her boots.

“As for the men, Lady Alice put William Fox-Pitt second in her rankings – completely unbeknown to Alice (Plunkett), which made us all laugh. Harry (Meade’s) trousers certainly caught our eye too – I mean, how could they not! We all agreed he was the only person who could carry that colour off!! Ciaran Glynn also looked incredibly smart.

“The moment Giovanni (Ugolotti) appeared in his military apparel and highly polished boots, both of the ladies were sold. He looked incredibly smart and his uniform and the way it had been pressed and polished definitely added a real touch of flair!

“For the ladies, we agreed that Louise Harwood looked great in her military style jacket, with the red elastic detailing on her boots tying the look together.

“We also agreed that both of these looks were completely fitting for the job in hand. Some riders got marked down for items of clothing that flapped around the horses’ heads, or were deemed less than practical.”

So- there you have the behind the scenes gossip! Who won the trot up style stakes for you? 

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