The Game Fair - Blenheim Palace

Friday 26th July - Sunday 28th July 2024 

The Game Fair is the annual gathering for people passionate about countryside pursuits, the Great British Countryside and the British summer in all its glory. With something for everyone, this event is the festival of the countryside that celebrates everything from clay shooting to archery, gundog scurries and international championships to fishing, falconry, ferreting and equestrian. Artisan food and drink, shopping galore and hands-on outdoor activities guarantee that there is something for the whole family. Our camping and glamping facilities can ensure you experience the event for the entire weekend!

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Features and attractions

Well it isn’t the biggest show of its kind for nothing… The Game Fair has a huge selection of displays and shows for you to enjoy. From Elegant Gardens, to Woodland Features and from Falconry to Ferreting, there is something for everyone. There is a large selection of both horse and dog shows for you to enjoy, when you can see people hanging off the side of a horse, or perhaps a dog following its master’s every command in the Gundog classes.

The Active Countryside for All is a popular area and you can try your hand at mountain boarding or perhaps an aerial trek. You can even have a go at laser clays – clay pigeon shooting without the pellets! Don’t worry, no pigeons are hurt doing this… a clay pigeon is a circular clay disk, so the only creature at risk is Morph…

There is also a 4x4 course that you can have a go on. Or perhaps a helicopter pleasure flight? Or how about a sunset balloon ride? What else could you ask for from a Game Fair??!! There really is everything. If you want to spend the day debating, then head over to the theatre and argue to your heart’s content…sorry, I mean debate.

Family Fun

Whilst you and your family are having a go at the huge selection of activities available, you have no need to worry about your children. The Game Fair provides free wristbands for under 10’s. On the wristbands you write your mobile number, so if they wander off, a stranger just needs to have a quick glance at the wrist of the small tot, tap in your mobile number and arrange to meet up. You could always offer them a bribe if you don’t really want your child back…

The Game Fair is held in July, the height of British Summer, so best to pack some waterproofs!! If it does decide to pour with rain, you can quickly change; even once it has stopped raining, the grass will be soaked and you may end up with the two-tone trouser effect.  Chuck a sunhat and sun cream in the back of the car as well, so if the sun does appear, you can be prepared for it, and avoid looking like a tomato.

Lightweight clothes are a must, whatever the weather. In heat waves, it will stop you from overheating, and if it decides to pour with rain, they can dry easily. There is nothing worse than having to walk around a show ground wearing wet jeans. Joules clothing have really good range of clothing suitable for the British summer, you can visit their website to have a peek at some of the delights they have to offer.

Footwear wise, stilettos are really not recommended. Even in incredibly dry weather, your heels will end up disappearing into the ground. Flat, comfortable shoes that are easy to walk in are a good idea for when it is dry. Blisters are your worst enemy, and they tend to prey on anyone who thinks they can “get away with it”. You’ll be doing a lot more walking than you realise.

And last but not least, jewellery. Whatever the weather, our fabulous sterling silver jewellery will never tarnish, so you have nothing to fear whilst walking around.

Our Hints and Tips

When you are shopping, try to buy later on in the day so you don’t have to carry it all around with you. If you are worried about it being sold before you get back, why not ask the stallholder if they could hold it back for you, but you must make sure you do come back for it, or they might not be so keen to do it in the future.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of liquids. It is a long day, and whether it is cold or hot, you will need to stay hydrated to avoid the paramedics having extra work. Unfortunately, alcohol doesn’t count…

Embrace your love of food! It’s a day out, so you may as well eat out too and make the most of the fabulous selection of local treats on offer. You could bring a picnic, but then you need to carry it around, and that bottle of bubbly won’t stay particularly chilled for long.

Don’t just come for the shopping. Although shopping is a key part of every experience, you should also have a look at some of the other great activities and exhibitions on offer. You never know, you may discover a love for falconry.