#hiholoves... Becky Wren!

Published : 26/08/2020 08:37:58
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#hiholoves... Becky Wren!

Welcome back to another #hiholoves! This week, we would love to introduce you to Becky Wren - the wonderful owner of Country Bumpkin Chic!

To find out more about Becky, why not have a read below! Happy Wednesday everyone!⁠

Tell us a bit about you, who you are, where you live, what you do etc? 

Hello! Thank you, Emma & Team Hiho Silver for asking me to get involved in Hiho Loves – what a great initiative.  

I’m Becky Wren aka the country, equestrian lifestyle blogger behind Country Bumpkin Chic (www.countrybumpkinchic.co.uk). I live in the countryside in sunny Dorset & only 20 minutes away from the stunning Jurassic Coast – I’m very lucky to have the best of both worlds – countryside & coast. 

By day I work in Digital Marketing for leading Trade & DIY retailer Screwfix, who’s HQ is not too far from Hiho Silver in Yeovil, Somerset. At the moment, due to the current situation I’m working from home in my kitchen, although I’m excited to move into my new office space (spare room) very soon & can’t wait to have my kitchen table back. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Most weekends you’ll find me out competing my 2 gorgeous & very cheeky Irish Sport Horses Barley & Leo who I compete regularly in British Eventing competitions. I also love my show jumping & express eventing style challenges. 

When I’m not on a horse, you’ll find me on my Stand Up Paddleboard, either paddling down the River Brit to West Bay or somewhere on the sea in Weymouth or Portland. I usually end up somewhere with a cider or G&T – a perfect way to end the day.  

Who did you pick as your Brand  Love  partner and why?  

When it comes to my two passions the countryside & coast – my Brand Love partner Touch of Tweed couldn’t be any more perfect. James & Catherine are fab, they put so much energy & passion into their business & think about every tiny detail, from where their product is made, how the materials our sourced through to how sustainable the packaging is. 

I admire them hugely for running a business & having full time jobs – they do a great job. And I’m excited to be supporting them with their new Forton belt, which is handmade in Somerset. I went for the teal tweed inlay - if you haven’t noticed teal/ turquoise is my favourite colour. 

Who did you pick as your Life  loves  and why? 

Well, it would have to be my parents, the horses & Alfie dog. I’m very lucky to have a supportive family especially when it comes to the horses & for motivating me work wise to keep showing up & giving it my best. I also couldn’t get by without my two best friends Rachel & Sophie who are my cheerleaders in life. Everyone needs a positive cheerleader & friends who can keep you in check. 

One piece of advice about posting on social media 

Remember what you post on social or the internetcan be tracked down. You may think that’s a funny photo being drunk at a party or striking an interesting pose. However, employees do their research, so make sure what you post online you wouldn’t mind if your mum, nan or potential employers see it. 

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