All about Sam

Published : 27/03/2023 12:08:56
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All about Sam

Today we are catching up with Sam, Director of Waring Brooke who delights us with her exceptional British Made country womenswear and accessories.

Read on to find out more about Sam and what makes her tick.

Sam please tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do, where are you from, your business, where we can find you online and what makes you tick?

Hi, I'm Samie, I am a fashion designer turned business owner. After designing for my whole career all over the world, I took the plunge and started my own sustainable fashion business in 2018,
Designing beautiful sustainable clothes makes me tick. It's my passion, my challenge, my Love.
What inspired you to set up Waring Brooke? 
Working in China and seeing the destruction to the world fashion is having and I hated being part of it.

 What do you do in your spare time & what you get up to offline?
I am a keen gardener. My Husband and I visit open gardens over the UK. It really grounds me and I find it satisfying to watch the flowers bloom and enjoy getting my hands dirty! 

What is your ultimate Hiho love (favourite piece from the Hiho collection) and why?
The sterling silver small stirrup pendant, because it's delicate and beautiful.
Do you have any style tips for the spring season, any trends you can see coming for Spring/Summer?
Trends I can see are translucent stripes and sheer panels. Lace is also on the horizon.
And finally - what is the best piece of advice you have received?
Do your market research and do not give up.
You can find Sam on Instagram at @waringbrooke

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